Maeve had a spa day Saturday, or what we sometimes call “soak and poke”. Shen was struggling with a bit of bumblefoot, so we picked her up right away, so it wouldn’t get too bad. We haven’t talked about bumble foot lately, so here we go.

This is little Miss Maeve, in her spa robe, while she’s enjoying a foot soak. This was her 2nd soak, a week ago we did the preliminary exam. Then she got some Prid and we bandaged her feet. She got to stay in the hospital brooder for a week and then we took her out Saturday to have a look.

These are the tools of the trade. On the tongue depressors is Prid, it helps to draw out the infection so we can remove it, hopefully, as one plug. We use the tweezers, that are soaking in alcohol, to remove the plug. Then we cleans it with an antiseptic, sometimes we pack it with Neosporin, use a cosmetic pad, cut down into quarter rounds and tape it on the foot, until we are ready to take a look.
Luckily, this time Maeve was really quite good on the second go round. So, we only had to clean out a small area. She did well. We sprayed it really well with Vetericyn and wrapped it up for a couple of days to let it finish healing over. And we let her go.

This morning she was up to her old tricks; hitching rides in the bucket so she could eat her fill of mealy worms. Sometimes we call her Piglet. She’s still one of our very favorites. She’s so cheeky, you just gotta love her.

We often see interesting little dramas that happen in farm life almost every day. Mostly we don’t capture them because we don’t have our cameras with us. I did, however, catch this little drama the other evening. We had processed chickens on Monday (I think I mentioned that was our plan. Only one more batch to go!); for some reason, the ants were very interested in the feathers. They courageously schlepped hundreds of feathers – all sizes. this little guy was doing a very good job of hauling one along all by himself. Just thought I’d share just because I thought it was a bit funny. Sometimes it’s interesting to throw in something minutely interesting. So, there ya go. We’ll do our best to come up with interesting little tidbits this week as well. We’ll see how it goes. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!