img_0037These are the chickens we refer to as “The Biggies”, even though they are actually smaller than those we refer to as “The Littles”.  We’ve recently tried calling them the Big Littles and the Little Bigs, but that gets a mite confusing. Anyway~ the roster that you see to the left of the photo is Dodo (he started out as Dolores, but then he turned into a Rooster, so I changed his name); he guards the hens very carefully, warning them when something  flying over looks predatory, and is quite solicitous with them in general. He keeps the other rooster, Ahmen – not pictured – from pestering them and us… he always calls his girls over when he finds a plump insect or some nice scratch.  He’s a feisty little Bantam and we really like him.  Back to the photo: it shows them enjoying a dirt bath together today in the late afternoon.  They are so happy because yesterday they were shut in all day to get them used to their new digs. What am I talking about? Well, as the title suggests, introductions are in order, and what I am refering to is, the process of introducing the Biggies into the permanent chicken coop with the Littles. We have fixed up the smaller brooding section of the coop into a temporary home for the Biggies, so they can interact with the Littles with a chicken wire separation between.  This way, in a week or so, when we orchestrate another night move and everyone wakes up together, they will already be somewhat familiar with each other. The shock won’t be so great!  Already, our littlest Biggie – Maeve – has taken quite a shine to some of our more shy Buff Orpingtons, especially the one we call “Little Buff.”  The Buffs are, in general, quite a calm and gentle breed of chicken. They are often recommended as pets for children. It’s cute that our smallest chicken has grown attached to the gentle giants. When the Littles were truly little, Maeve often hung out by their chicken tractor and clucked at them.  We think she’ll make a great brood hen one day.

More on the chicken introduction saga another day, until then ~ as always ~
Thanks for reading.

Today’s Weather: This morning, Sue says it was 37° when we got up at 5:30.  It warmed up really nicely tho’ and got all the way up to 63°.  Only a light breeze, wonderfully warm in the sun.  Low tonight is only going to be 43° with a high of 73°!  Reminiscent of Ramona.

Egg Production: Even with the upset of a move and being cooped up together all day yesterday, we collected two little eggs from our stalwart layers.  I think they’re doing great for the middle of winter.