Yes indeed. Little chickens arrived today. Our first batch anyway. Because they are Bantams, they are extra small! Therefore, extra cute. You know I’m biased because I grew up with these little, cute, feisty chickens, but it’s difficult for people to get excited about extra small eggs! However, they are exceedingly great foragers and bug getters. We need some bug getters, let me tell you! The Hatchery sent us 21 babies! We were only supposed to get 16, I’m wondering if they thought we were going to lose some in transit. So far, they all seem quite hale and hearty. They don’t walk anywhere- they run! Then they stop wherever they get too tired and take a nap… sometimes that’s right in the middle of the food dish. 🙂 I took a short video of them that I’ll put at the bottom of the post, just to share the cuteness.

IMG_1580As I write this, I’m outside watering some of the trees because it’s been a number of days since we’ve had helpful rain. Although it takes some time, watering is one of my favorite things to do in the evening. I get to outside, focusing on something further away than the computer screen ( unless I’m bogging), and – in the quiet – I notice things that maybe I wouldn’t otherwise. Today I noticed that an army of ants had beat a path from their nest – in the center of the cleared area of the photo – to the other side of the fence. It’s a perfectly cleared highway and it was bustling with workers. I think most of them were hauling seeds, some had filched chicken feed. It’s a little hard to see, but it starts center photo and goes up, just to the left of the little tree. If ants can work together to make highways… what can we accomplish as a species? We’d just like to feed some people. And we’ll keep you posted on how that works out. Until then, as always~ thanks for reading!

Oh! I forgot! Here’s your video.

Today’s Weather: it was warm again today with slight winds off and on. I’m hoping for more rain!

Egg Report: ok- somehow we ended up with four duck eggs (one was NOT a goose egg) and 17 chicken eggs.