IMG_2700For once, it’s not us going on a field trip, but a trio of friends who stopped by to visit the chickens and meet the goats, among others. Serena, along with her mother, Samantha, and her little brother, Colson, came to check out the farm. She brought Sue this amazing sign which you see at left and that is now hanging up on the kitchen fridge! She’s a budding young graphic designer. Anyway, we thought we’d share their visit with you.

Serena1Serena was very excited to visit with the chickens. So, Sue took her over to first throw all the chickens their afternoon scratch. We call that “scratching the chickens”.  That was a good first introduction. It took a little bit of time, because small hands require a bit longer to distribute the food.  Even Colson wanted to get in on the fun. We couldn’t get him to say, “Here chick, chick, chick.” But Serena was very good at calling the chickens and they did come a runnin’.  Once all the scratch was distributed on the Biggie’s side, Sue took Serena in to gather eggs. That’s always and interesting hunt in there- she did a great job finding all the hiding places and checking out all the nesting boxes. (…and hey! don’t judge us because we have Christmas still up for those chickens. We’re in the process of obtaining new towels!)

Serena2Next – we do the very same thing for the layers on the other side of the coop. Serena, Sue, and Colson gave the chickens their scratch. Sue accidentally threw some in and it rained down on the chickens, which was a very scary thing for them (even though it happens often enough) – so they ran around cackling and crowing… tickled the kids, well, and the adults. This side always have many more eggs, so Serena used the bigger bucket to gather. By now she was a pro – this is the hand off to Sue. 20 eggs are in that bucket there! Way to go Serena! We could use her help every day. If we had her and our friend Gus to help us every day, just imagine what we could get accomplished!  After that, we went to visit the Banty Chickens and take a look in on the baby chick. He’s still holding his own – we don’t think that any other eggs will be hatching – so he’ll be a single child with three mothers! Hope he survives that ok.

seren-and-goats.jpgOn to the Goat Boys. The Goat Boys are so excited to meet new people.  Especially the babies. Taco George also has fun because he gets to eat the food while the little ones are playing around. Although, they did o some great eating.  The little one’s were a hit and all of them enjoyed being pet by the kids. It was quite hot, so after the goat water was filled up, Sue gave everyone a squirting down. Kids really liked that – I mean the human ones. We hope that they enjoyed their time and will come back to visit again soon.  And we thank them for bringing us more leaves to add to the leaf pond for our little Banty chickens. All in all, a successful field trip, I’d say. So – when are you going to join us? We’re here for anyone who’s interested in seeing how things are shaping up. We enjoy visitors, and – if given enough warning – we can make you a meal, or at least a drink! Let us know. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: We’re looking at a really warm week. High today was 95°, felt a bit muggy to me, but the humidity has actually gone down since this weekend, only 19%. We have a 1% chance of rain at the moment. It is 82° at 7:26p.m.  Our overnight low is in the 63° range and the high is forecast at 91° tomorrow.

Egg report: Saturday – zero goose, 1 duck, 29 chicken eggs.   Sunday – zero goose, 1 duck,  39 chicken eggs.  Monday – today Sue and Serena picked up – 1 goose, 1 duck, and 34 chicken eggs.