chicken surprised.jpg.500x490_q67_crop-smart_upscale-true…sometimes I really experience writer’s block – especially mid week – and I definitely don’t have any photos to share of anything new. So, what’s been going on since Monday? I  suppose we can do a bullet list of happenings.had

  • Monday evening, after our fun field-trip visitors, we took a look at Duck-Duck’s foot. At first glance it looked like maybe we were all done and we began to celebrate. Thought we could just let her take a nice bath, soak her little feet, and then let her out of solitary that night. We did all those things; she took a nice long bath, we soaked her feet in Epsom salts, but when we looked at her foot more closely after the soaking – we could see some more infection had come up. So Sue took a pair of tweezers to pull out the plug, and it just came out so beautifully. Popped right out like a cork! (I was going to put a photo here from someone else’s plug, but they are all a bit gross – so, if you’re really interested, you can look that up on your search engine of choice.)  We cleaned it out and wrapped it up for what may be the very last time.  Maybe tomorrow we’ll check it out and see how she’s faring.

  • Tuesday, Sue got a lot of seemingly little things done. Days like that leave you feeling like you didn’t accomplish much, but the things you do are always necessary. Like taking a trip to the feed store for grit. When you have chickens and ducks in solitary, they need to have grit added to their everyday diet. The baby chick needs it too – but he needs Chick Grit. Both of these were absolutely needed and we were completely out. Or hanging up the door plate so the knob doesn’t go through the side of the coop again.  Or putting up a small version of the feeder that Tom gave us, so the layers can get used to eating out of something like that. She also started changing out the curtains over the nesting boxes. We may slowly remove the Christmas ones and replace them with year-round
    farmers market sign

    Market Sign, which is also the sticker we’re putting on the the traveling egg coolers

    patterns. 🙂 She also went to pick up manure from the neighbors to add to the compost piles. She moved the small duck and goose pool out of the general run area because the ground had become rather water saturated and was beginning to smell. Needs some time to really dry out. I came home and started working on printing more business cards and labels to go on the traveling egg coolers and such.  Updated the market sign and overall tried to get my act together for the Farmers’ Market. Tried to get in touch with Brews Brothers regarding their Neighborhood Market, but haven’t had any luck hearing back from them. My next course of action will be to just stop by.

  • Wednesday – Sue worked on gluing down the the laminate tiles in the RCW. They just weren’t sticking well to the wood with the adhesive they came with. So she purchased a glue for laminate flooring and is gluing them in one at a time. Seems to be working ok, if a bit messy – according to Sue. I had to go to Lowe’s today to pick up some shelving for work, so while I was there I picked up quickcrete and eye bolts and bungee cords so I can make some weights for the Market Tent.  That way I don’t have to be out in the blazing hot sun like I was last week – because it was too windy to put up a tent. We’ll see how well I do creating those things. Tonght we

    What’s up?

    went over to check on the newest arrivals. Dustin had reported that one of the chickens was really agitated by it’s leg band, it looked like it was too tight. Since we don’t really need them for identification, we went ahead and took them off. We also sprayed their little back sides with Vetricyn, animal skin care, to help their skin as it recovers from the nakedness. We did see some signs of feather regrowth – so hopefully in a couple of weeks we can show you some before and after comparisons. The photo above wast taken this last Sunday Morning so I could show the former owners that the girls were out and about and happy.

  • That’s it, in a nutshell I suppose. We’ll keep plugging away at things and keep sharing them here; we’ll have some more interesting photos on Friday – maybe. Until then, as always~
    Thanks for reading.

Today’s Weather: We’re still having a hot week. Right now, 5:45 p.m., it’s registering 98° on the hot side of the house – phone says it should be around 94° (which is what the weather station says it should “feel like”). Humidity is dropping and we’ve been given some Fire Watch warnings for the afternoons and evenings of Friday and Saturday.  We’re also supposed to be experiencing some high winds those days. Overnight low is predicted to be 61° and tomorrow’s high is supposed to be 95°.

Egg Report: Tuesday – zero goose (kind the trend), 2 duck, 32 chicken. Wednesday – zero goose, 1 duck, 33 chicken. Kinda just cruising along in the 30’s.