Doldrums bannerWe’ve kinda hit the doldrums around here. As I started thinking about this post, I looked up, first, the spelling, then, some photos. I’m not a seafarer, so I don’t use this word in my everyday lexicon, and I wanted to spell it dulldrums – because I associate the word with dull times – but I found differently. I still don’t know the origin, I didn’t want to spend that much time, but I did find that it refers to a specific area in the equatorial region that experiences ocean calms, but can also be plagued with sudden storms and light, unpredictable winds. In the more modern usage, it’s come to refer to a time of waiting; waiting for something to happen so you can go on to the next step. That’s sorta us. Crazy times, man.

We’ve both been sharing a cold back and forth for several weeks now. Finally picked up some antibacterial wipes to just try to get rid of whatever we’re sharing. Just drags you out and you really don’t feel like doing much of anything. So, we’re waiting for that to pass. I’m rather stressed to the max with stuff going on at work, and I hate that. Takes up all my time, waking and sleeping, and I don’t get to do anything at home. So, we’re waiting for that to pass. The Holidays have always been a difficult time for me, personally. It seems that the most challenging events in my life have happened during this season, so I’m always a bit on edge, waiting for the next shoe to drop. So, I’m waiting to get through these days. I purchased an Advent Wreath and picked up a devotional in the hopes of staying connected with the season, but so far – we haven’t been home enough to even sit and do that. Crazy times, man.

We do still get small things done; witness the Coop at the Goats’, but nothing huge is happening. Even this weekend saw some small amount of progress. Sue took her son’s family to the airport in Tucson on Saturday, so while she was gone, I took eggs out to Tom the Baker in Bisbee. We’re going to be on an every-other-week schedule for him, I think. Doesn’t make any sense to travel out there to deliver 2 1/2 dozen eggs. This Saturday we were finally able to get him 6 dozen again. We had some warm days in there that really helped egg production. Lately though, it’s been getting quite cold at night, so I’m afraid the numbers will begin to go through another decline. Crazy times, man.

I took a bit of time to plant one of the trees on Saturday. Our friend Jenny had given us a little Pomegranate tree earlier this summer and, since it’s going into dormancy for the winter, I thought I’d plant it out. I put it where we had tried to grow a Manzanita that ended up lunch for a gopher this year.  Should be quite happy there and we can prune it into whatever we’d like. The birds really enjoy pomegranates when we share them with them. I also starting digging the holes for the climbing rose bushes out by the front gate. It’ll take a few tries for me to get them going… lots of rocks that require extra digging and that always makes my back hurt if I do too much. Something about repeatedly clanging the shovel into large rocks that just shakes me to the bone. I was thinking that if I planted a tree a day, we’d be done in a month. So far, I’m two days behind with that idea. I’m tellin’ ya. Crazy times, man.

When Sue got back from Tucson, we went out to the storage container and loaded up her truck with the Christmas decorations. We purchased our living (you know – potted in a container with roots and everything) Christmas Tree last weekend from Ace Hardware… they were the only place we could find them living, not cut (or what I like to call dead). So happy to have somewhere close to purchase this tree! We’ll be able to use it for at least 3 years, as long as we up-pot it each year. Then we can plant it out on the property. I think we purchased an Eldarica Pine, it is a true desert pine and should be quite at home in our neck of the woods. They are extremely drought resistant and aren’t as susceptible to diseases and bugs/parasites as others. I’ll share a photo once we get the little thing in the house and decorated. That’d be fun to see it each year until we plant it out :). First we have to get to the point of actually decorating it. Who knows when that will happen? Crazy times, man.

christmas thanks for readingThat was really all we did this weekend. Just hanging around in the doldrums. They can be quite beautiful though, really. Calm seas. No storms. Maybe we should just break out the sun lotion and get ourselves a tan. Ha! If the weather gets warm enough for that this week, we’ll let you know. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: It’s been getting colder and colder! Today there was actually ice on my windshield when I went to leave for work. Haven’t had to scrape yet, but I have a feeling that might be coming soon. Today’s high was predicted to be 63° – as I was inside all day in the city, I have no idea how close we came to that mark. Currently, 7:14 p.m., it is 43° with 48% humidity, and we are expecting an overnight low of 27° tomorrow. The next couple of days are going to be the coldest this week with the possibility of rain Thursday/Friday. Sunrise wasn’t until 7:03 and sunset was 5:15. Winds have calmed down quite a bit, but still a consistent 5 mph NNE.

Egg Report: Saturday –  12 chicken. Sunday – 14 chicken. Monday – 16 chicken.