IMG_3592You know how your grandpa used to say he could feel the weather change in his bones? I always believed that, because I usually felt weather change in my head – but lately, my whole body gets in the act! We do have a storm coming in from the south and we can see it in the sky, hear it on the wind, and – yes – feel it in our bones. We’re just really hoping that the rain doesn’t pass us by. Supposedly heavy by Friday. We’ll let you know!

I’m trying to hurry, because I need to take a shower and get to choir, and of course everything is going extra slow today. Sometimes that happens when its incredibly windy – just blows our signal all over the place. I didn’t want to leave you with nothing to read today, even though we’re still in the midst of the doldrums.  Sue worked around the fields today, but the weather got to be too windy and cold for her to be out there very long. When I got home, I took some of the cold boxes that we use for delivering eggs in the summer and stored them out in the shed, then brought in Christmas decorations that were in cardboard boxes, so we can keep them from getting too wet on the porch. The porch is covered, but the wind blows the rain right in under the eaves. One day we’ll enclose it. 🙂

Huge stuff going on, right?! So, I thought I’d share this video I found yesterday that made me just cry, I was laughing so hard. I needed that laugh too! Pachelbel’s Canon in D like you have never heard it before in your life! Trust me, just listen. (Mom and Dad – don’t worry; I’ll play it for you when you get here.)  Enjoy!

Today’s Weather: Ok, covered that. We’ll catch you up on Friday.

Egg Report: Tuesday – 13 chicken. Wednesday – 14 chicken.