snow on the mountainDoes that sound like something from Lord of the Rings? Wait, I think that was King Under the Mountain. (thought I could make something of that for the first image, but couldn’t find anything that really works). The storm that was a comin’ finally arrived this morning. It poured on and off all day, and when the clouds cleared a bit Sue was able to snap a quick shot of the snow on the mountains. This is our second snow of the winter; not that it reached us. We’re at a pretty high elevation, but the snow was staying over 5,000 feet. Sure looks pretty though.  Is this where we start singing “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”?

While the dusting of snow in the mountains sure looks pretty, the rain makes it difficulty to get anything done. Sue was able to get the morning chores done before it started raining again. (First downpour was around 5 or so, this morning.) Had to feed the goats in their little shed, since the chickens are now housed int he lean-to. I commented to Sue that they must have felt pretty special… you know, like when you’re sick and you get to each chicken soup and toast in bed. I hope they were able to stay toasty, warm, and dry Duck_in_Rain_2today.

On the flip side of that, the ducks and geese really revel in the rain. They just think its the most amazing thing. They love to lounge in the pool and let the rain shower them from above. Silly things. Doesn’t seem to matter how cold it is either – they have the best time.

Sue was able to make the trip down to our neighbors between bouts of rain, and pick up a load of manure. We’re still collecting it as often as possible to add to our compost piles. We us this to add to the soil when we’re planting trees, to give them a huge boost at the beginning of their rooted life. This would be a great weekend to plant some trees – we’ll see how the morning goes. We have a rehearsal at 10am and then a Christmas party at 6pm; we might be able to get one or two trees planted between then. 🙂 That’s kind of how the weekend is shaping up. Not really huge plans, more of like a play it by ear sort of deal. Monday evening we’ll see where we ended up. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading.

Today’s Weather: Bit warmer this morning, because of the clouds I suppose. 44° when I left for work today around 6:40. High today was around 58°.  Currently, at 7:33 p.m. it is 42° with 97% humidity. Clouds are beginning to break up – can feel that in my bones as well.  Sunrise was at 7:06 and sunset was at 5:16. Slightly warmer tomorrow and clearing completely by noon.

Egg Report: Thursday – 15 chicken.  Friday – 13 chicken.