too-big1.jpgAs a somewhat taller female, I understand what it’s like to feel too big.  I’m 5’9″ and I rarely, if ever, wear heels because I always feel like I tower over people. Yes, something can be too big. Right now, we have a rooster who is way too big, and he just doesn’t realize it. I think they may be a bit like dogs and they don’t really understand size so much as attitude. Olaf, the rooster, is pretty gentle, he doesn’t fight much with the other roosters, he just tries to get his time with the ladies at the most opportune moments for him, which aren’t always to the liking of the ladies, or the other roosters for that matter. We’re not sure what to do with him, and we may be running into some difficulties.

brahamaWe believe that Olaf is a Brahma – they are the second largest chicken breed; the first being a Jersey Giant. Brahma roosters will generally weigh around 10 lbs (Jersey Giants are between 13 and 15 pounds), a regular, say, Delaware rooster will be – on the large side – 8 lbs. I wanted to find a photo to share for a size comparison, but I couldn’t find anything in my own photos, nor on line. Our Olaf looks exactly like the one to the right. When he stands up straight, his head reaches over our knees. The other roosters barely hit our knees – so there is quite a size difference. Our difficulty comes in the fact that we don’t have any hens large enough for Olaf; consequently, he’s been accidentally hurting the hens – he’s just too heavy for them.

Yesterday, Sue noticed that one of the hens had an injured wing. Sometimes what can happen is the wing kinda pops out of joint because the rooster is standing on top of them. So, what we did was put her in the lower brooder pen out of harms way for a while. When I picked her up, I didn’t really feel anything wrong, but I also didn’t want to mess around with her too much and hurt her more. Sue said that she seems to be moving around ok, so we’ll just give her some time to relax and keep an eye on her to make sure there isn’t anything else going on. I think a solution may to be find Olaf some ladies his own size. Everyone should have their ideal mate, right? Don’t worry Olaf, we’ll find you some taller lady girls all your own.

christmas thank youStill not sure what the weekend holds. We may be able to move the RCW tomorrow morning, and then I think we’ll also have time to open up the coop’s run a bit more, as explained on Wednesday. Plans are fluid; we’ll catch you up on Monday. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: Really, really foggy in the morning. At the house, we were above the fog, but as I drove into the city it became so dense that I could barely see the tail end of the car in front of me. This is highly unusual for us. We’re also cooling down quite a bit now as well – 61° was our high today with rather a cool breeze. Currently, at 6:44 p.m., it is 46° with 57% humidity and an overnight low of around 30°. Our sunrise is still around 7:19 and sunset was at 5:36. Tomorrow is almost a carbon copy of today.

Egg Report: Thursday – 16 chicken. Friday – 14 chicken.