AP_Groundhog2.20-1200x768This Sunday, as well as it being Superbowl Sunday, it was Groundhog day (and Sue’s Aunt Pat’s birthday!) The report was that  Punxsatawney Phil did not see his shadow, which – traditionally – heralds an early spring. Isn’t it great what we can learn from animals? Sue and I, however, didn’t really need good ol’ Punxsatawney Phil to tell us  that spring is near.

The days are getting longer and (sometimes) the temperatures are going up, but more than that we know because the egg productions is starting to heat up! The girls are finally feeling like laying. We’ve had 18 goose eggs (out of her 32-36 a year). The ducks have been laying regularly for a month or so now, but the chickens have really started in the last couple of weeks.

Today I crated up 10 dozen for Tom the Baker in Bisbee, and another 6 dozen for various other customers. We started with an egg counting tray over flowering, and have it all spoken for now. Well, 2 dozen were for us – they consisted of those we’d rather not sell. We have 9 goose eggs now that may be taking a road trip with me next week, as well as a dozen and a half duck eggs that are still up for grabs. Maybe its time that I try that duck egg pasta I keep talking about.

Hopefully we’ll have more and more, so keep up with us and get your orders in! In another couple of weeks this place should be rockin’! Until then, as always~
thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: Cold and windy. Although yesterday was a great deal more windy than today! We are in for some cold, cold days. Right now, at 8:26 p.m., it is already 28°!!! Yikes. The expected overnight low is 19° – I really hope we don’t hit that. Someone told me that we might get snow, but there aren’t any clouds in the skies today.  Right now we have 28% humidity with winds coming wnw at 10mph. Today’s sunrise was at 7:10 and the sunset was at 5:59.

Egg Report: Monday –  14 chicken, 2 duck, 1 goose. Tuesday – 20 chicken eggs, 2 duck, 0 goose.