Highlights of the California trip…. so far. This is only really day two of being in Cali and we’ve already done so much. At least it seems that way. I left Sierra Vista around 9:30 a.m. and had pouring rain off and on all the way to Gila Bend (my favorite gas station stop). Then it stopped and the sun came out and was beautiful all the way to my folks home.

I got to my folks in time for dinner and the next day enjoyed the wonderful green scenery on the farm. Mom’s Jonquils are blooming already – ours our just now peaking through the soil. She also has several Amaryllis blooming right now. She has one apple tree that is just now blooming. It is all just so gorgeous right now.

Shannon’s hydroponic gardens are doing really well. They are even putting in a new greenhouse. She is selling so many greens and eggs at the Santa Ysabel Farmer’s market. I hope that her clientele continues to grow. Here are some surreptitiously taken shots of the small grow beds.

Now, this night, we are in Paso Robles visiting our good friends – unfortunately it was just two weeks shy of some type of farmers celebration or festival or something.  Instead we’re just going to take in one or two wineries tomorrow and simply visit. We saw some really wonderful farm land and nice green rolling hills. We just wish that the farms would put up some signs letting us know what the trees are and what type of grapes they are growing. If I had a farm along a well traveled highway, I would put up signs telling people what the trees or plants were. Just sayin’.  This was the view out of the windshield for most of our trip.

I’ll be updating things as much as I can. Things at home are progressing without me, as they always do. Sue had 3 tons of gravel delivered to the house for putting up french drains around the chicken coop and the run. She also finished putting up an area in the run for composting for the chickens. And, since we’ve had some pretty good weather lately, the sunrise was just beautiful.

Sue has been good about sending me photos. So, I’ll leave you with the gorgeous photo Sue took of the Sunset.