unicornThis post is dedicated to my friend, Holly.
You know that we have a different types of chickens, two kinds of ducks, some geese, doves, dogs, cats, goats… well, as of this morning we have a unicorn. It’s true, I wouldn’t lie to you, my friends. If you are my friend Holly, you would say that unicorns are always in our midst and it’s up to us to recognize and welcome them and help them to feel at home. Our unicorn was difficult to photograph, but I’ve done my best in the following photos.

IMG_5545It seems that we’ve had this specific unicorn in our midst for a while and his true colors only surfaced recently. His horn is not golden and his forelock is nonexistent rather than rainbow colored. You’ll recognize him too, but let’s start with the horn. Here’s a photo of the one horn. When I went out this morning Thumper had blood running down his forehead and his cheeks. Somehow he had lost his right horn. Making him, for all intents and purposes, a unicorn.

IMG_5547I finished chores and went to see if we had any styptic powder. Sue said no, but flour will work. So I took a 1/4 of flour over, showed it to him so he could see what it was. He took a few nibbles… decided he really liked it! I put some in my hand and let him nibble and sprinkled a whole lot on his head. By that time Scooby came and started nibbling on the flour from Thumper’s head. So I doused his head with flour as well. Silly goats.  This afternoon I wanted to check to make sure there wasn’t any blood still  seeping through. He didn’t even want to let me look, so I just tried to catch glimpses of his sore spot as I tried to get photos to share. This is fuzzy, but you can see all the flour stuck to his head – it’s clear though, no bleeding. Dang goats.

Anyway. That’s the bedtime story of the appearance of our unicorn. Silly guy. We’ll see if the horn grows back, but I’m not sure it will. Keep you posted. Until then, as always~
Thank you for reading.