Thumper wants to know “where da party at?” and more importantly, is he invited? He was sad to find out that Sue and Kay were only visiting to say hello, not to have him join them for dinner. (Photo Credit: Kay)

We had some great friends come for a weekend visit. We did some touring around the county, drank some local beer, met and picnicked with the men and women of the historic “B Troop” from Fort Huachuca, enjoyed a meal at the German Cafe and a farm dinner on the veranda. I think it was so great, we should relive it right now! Don’t you????

We started our weekend off by having a picnic lunch with this great group of guys and gals from B Troop – 4th U.S. Cavalry Regiment. (Photo Credit: Kay) From their web page:

The 4th Cavalry Regiment is one of the most famous and most decorated regiments in the United States Army. Since its activation in 1855, the 4th Cavalry has continuously served the United States of America in peace and war. The regiment has fought gallantly in the Indian Wars, the Civil War, the Philippine Insurrection, World War II, Vietnam and the Gulf War. For its wartime service, the 4th Cavalry has been awarded 58 campaign streamers, three Presidential Unit Citations, three Valorous Unit Awards and the French Croix de Guerre with Silver Star.

We received an invitation from the Captain of the Troop, our friends Nicole and Eddie, yep – the same Eddie that delivers the horse poop to us; he asked to join the Troop at their mid travel stop on the way to Tombstone for Helldorado Days. They left the Fort at 7am on horseback in their ceremonial wool uniforms, they crossed the San Pedro River at 11:45 and took time for a lunch, vet check and a meal for the horses. Eddie and his wife, Nicole, were great hosts and kept everyone entertained with great information. A fun time was had by all.

After lunch, we took the scenic route to Bisbee, drove through the town – John said that all the shops were closed, so we didn’t stop. Had a personal and private tour of the 2nd Amendment Family Gunshop, then some refreshing adult beverages at the Electric Brewery next door. We ended the evening with a really nice dinner at the German Cafe. What a great Saturday.

Sunday found the crew in Tombstone for breakfast and to take in the Parade. Once again, they saw Eddie and B Troop in full parade regalia. I believe there may have been a shoot-out at the OK Corral. I think there was a bit of shopping involved, but John and Bernadette let the kids handle that. (Photo Credit: John S.)

Right, no shopping for John because he wanted to come and drive around some big equipment… here he is man handling the Big Blue tractor. He feels that he’s a natural. (Photo Credit: Sue)

We congregated on the veranda for canapés and cocktails. Here is the retired Marine with the retired Sailor enjoying some conversation. (Photo Credit: Kay)

This is most of the crew. Sue is in the house, I think, and Kay is taking the photo… but this is the rest of the motley crew. From left to right: Ralph, me, John, Bernadette, Patty, and John. We were enjoying the wonderful late afternoon and early evening on the porch Sunday. (Photo Credit: Kay)

After Canapés and Cocktails, Sue took Kay around to visit the critters and talk about farming. I took Ralph around a little bit too, then he joined Sue and Kay for a bit more of a walk about. People expressed interest in the chickens – obviously – but also in our plans for the outdoor kitchen and the bottle wall. We tried to give them a feel for our plans and what we’ve done. It was fun sharing. (Photo Credit: John S.)

Everything ended with a delicious dinner on the veranda. Our dinner was a couple of roast chickens, with root veggies and potatoes. Dessert was the Peach and Blueberry quick sweet bread with a topping of brandied peaches. John finished everything off with a delightful Amaro. We wanted to thank everyone for the delightful visit. We hope they realized that there are a great many interesting and fun things to do here in Cochise County and that they’ll all be back soon.

And, hey – you could always come and partake in all this fun! All it takes is a phone call and a little bit of planning. We’re happy to host your stay in beautiful Sierra vista and surrounding areas… we just can’t house you yet :). Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!