Today we have a game for you. As we all recover from our Thanksgiving day activities (yes, we’re still recovering), I thought that a fun little seek and find game would be an easy activity for everyone.

In this photo is a very small moth. That hose is just a normal garden hose, so you know you’re looking for something very small.

In this photo is a little butterfly with red/orange spot on its wings.

this one is a little bit easier. In this photo is a Painted Desert Glossy Snake. We were hoping he was going after the gophers! Can you find him?

Can you find the chicken? Disclaimer: We did not put this chicken where you’ll find her. She kept hopping up in here to lay her eggs. It’s Maeve by the way.

This is a photo very appropriate for the season. Can you see Katie Cat?

All the answers are below.

Small moth by the hose.

Little butterfly with a red/orange spot.


Still hard to tell, but that’s Maeve. No, she’s not dead.

There’s Katy Cat!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this laid back seek and find! We did accomplish a few projects this holiday weekend – well, Sue did! We’ll share those later. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!