There were doin’s on the farm today. We got quite a few things done today. Did I take photos of the things we did??? No. No, I did not.

Do you remember the concrete planter project we began in the fall? Today we completed the third of our series of six planters that are going around the chicken coop run. We are now half completed. Three down, Three more to go. We used the newly fabricated molds and it turns out they are a bit bigger than the previous ones. It took a full six bags of ready-crete to fill it. At least we know now how much we’re going to need per planter. Sue hauled all the bags herself – they are so dang heavy! I’m still not up for that kind of lifting. We ,made good time with this one, so I think it was a great task completion today.

Our next order of the day was to plant Sue’s Mr. Lincoln rose bush that I found on sale a few days before Valentine’s Day. Mr. Lincoln is a hybrid tea rose that was bred in the early sixties. I love the color of Mr. Lincoln and the great thing is that it tolerates heat extremely well. We planted it in an area recently vacated by our Mullein by the driveway. If we can avoid hitting it when we back out of the parking area, it should do really well there.

Planting that got me in the mood for some gardening. I pruned the sidewalk roses, because they really, really, really needed it. Then I went on to the grape – I took some cuttings and put them in some good soil to see if we can root them to go into the planters around the chicken coop run. We’ll see if we can keep them wet enough to root. I’ll let you know how that goes. The last thing I did was trim back the Arizona Yellow Bell bush – I think this year it might actually come back from the stems, instead of the the roots as the previous years. It always dies back in the winter from snow and frost. We’ll see on that too.

When you type it out, this doesn’t sound like much, I admit. But it was good to get out and do something in the yard for a change. Sue was able to get out and do some mowing out front yesterday. It always looks so good when it’s manicured nicely. We had some rain recently, so our grasses are slowly turning green and will be out of hand before you know it. So Sue is getting a head start. We’ll always share this stuff with you as it happens. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading.