No. Not crop circles. We don’t get those types of signs here 🙂 If you’re an M. Night Shyamalan fan – you’ll get the reference. The signs I’m talking about are of spring. Yes, we live in Arizona. Yes, there is desert. Yes, we have cactus – they bloom too! But also, we are in the high desert (where I am sitting at the moment, we are at 4946.88′. Pretty high up there – only 333.12′ shy of a mile). Point being, we do get signs of spring in our back yard. All be it, they are mostly from plants we have added. Most of our native plants show their signs of life during monsoon season. Unless we’ve had a wet winter, which we have not.

While spending some time with my folks last week, Sue texted me this photo. Knew which tree it was immediately. First tree to bloom? Always the almond! Sometime is blooms early to its detriment. Sue was afraid that it would loose its blossoms to the cold, as it was still freezing in the mornings last week. But it held on to them and the squirrels are already planning their late summer harvest. This year, I am going to put tulle around the tree so they cannot get to the almonds! Need to wait until after they have set though, so the busy bees can do their job. We’ll have to do the same thing to the nectarine, peach, and plumb trees that have begun to bloom out as well. Trying to save things from the critters is keeping us very busy. AND now we have escapee chickens, everyday, that are having a bit too much fun in the flowers!

While watering today I happened upon this cute little mini jonquil who decided to show her bright face this morning. I guess mom planted it along with whatever other little bulbs she stuck in the ground at Thanksgiving. Hope the squirrels and gophers leave them alone this summer! I’d love to have those just naturalize all over the garden! The bloom is just a little bit bigger than my thumbnail. Difficult to tell without something for scale; I don’t usually think about that when I’m out doing “wild” photography.

Of course, another sure sign of the season is our first goose egg! We were graced with this beauty today (Saturday). Last year, her first few eggs were double yolk eggs – we’ll see if the pattern holds. As far as egg production goes, we are really ramping up now. We have a few of our younger chickens just beginning to lay, the Buff Orpingtons are now almost 5 months old, so they should begin laying some time late April/early May. We are able to provide many eggs for our clients – even duck eggs just this last week. People are more and more consistently happy to hear from us.

So, even though the vernal equinox isn’t until 2:37 am on Saturday, March 20th – I want to wish you all a happy spring! Below, I’m leaving you with some of the shots from today of our flowers. I also want to say that, while I was gone, Sue did a ton of work on the coop, etc. I’ll make that my next post. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!