We have a few projects… I know what you’re thinking. “You always say that!” That isn’t an untruth. But this time I want to talk about projects that Sue tackled by herself while I was gone. We all know that she’s made of tough stuff, so this really isn’t very surprising, but I was impressed because I had helped her some with the biggest one and it was tough with two, then she goes and does the lion’s share by herself (maybe that means I wasn’t really helping in the first place?).

This is the project she started tackling by herself. Putting up the welded avian wire around the Main Chicken Coop’s run. It is so difficult to work with this stuff, straight from the roll – it goes everywhere! But Sue decided to work on this by herself. She said that she learned how to use the clamps well. 🙂 It’s coming together quite well. We’re going to put regular chicken wire on the “roof”. That’ll be a project that moves up on the list, because Sue found a hawk in the run the other morning! Here’s a couple more photos of the great job that she did.

She also put up some solar powered, motion sensor lights over by the goat boys. The goats have been bothered by the coyotes in the evening every now and then. I think we are hoping that, if the coyotes come around, the light goes on and they run away. Plus, the night light will make the goats feel a bit better as well. Let’s face it, everyone feels better with a night light at some time in their lives.

This weekend we’re going to be culling roosters, that is if the weather holds out. We’re facing possible winds and rain. We’ll see how well the weather holds up. I’ll let you know. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading.