This logo is for a company that promotes teaching babies to swim, so that they do not drown if they fall into a pool or body of water. I’m using it because I’m talking about ducks and geese that arrived today! They are all the cutest little water babies.

Sue purchased 8 ducks, Peking and Khaki Campbells, four of each, along with two more Tufted Roman geese. Unfortunately, they were all shipped together and – we think- the geese trampled some of the ducks. We lost 3 Pekins and 1 Khaki Campbell. It is always so sad when they don’t make it through the journey here. Here is a photo from Sue showing two of the survivors. You’ll need to search for the yellow one a bit… the light turned him red and he blends in with his surroundings.

Sue wanted to try out the Pekings for butchering, but since only one little one survived, we’ll see if it is a little girl and keep her, or if it’s a nice little boy we could also keep him. The last of his kind from this little flock. The Khaki’s she wanted to try because they are on the Livestock Conservancy’s status as “watch” for heritage birds. That means they are not yet an endangered breed, but close. They are supposed to be prodigious layers and also one of the most quiet of the domestic duck breeds. Not that we really worry too much about quiet around here. Below are two photos of the adult birds. Left is the Peking and right is the Khaki Campbell. Nice looking, aren’t they?!

We hope the four we have remaining make it over the next few days. We will endeavor to take some adorable photos of our water babies and share them so you can say “awwwww”. Just like we did. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading.