I mentioned that I enjoy Saturdays, right? Always a great day no matter what we’re doing. This Saturday was a bit different because we were celebrating a couple of friends’ birthdays. So, while it wasn’t exactly a lazy day, it was a day of celebration that we don’t really enjoy often. Sue did get a projected completed this morning, so I thought I’d show what she did while I did what I did, then what we both did. šŸ™‚

This is Sue’s finished Dutch door on the coop run. Remember, we had put up the bottom part last time, but she needed to correct the height on the sides by an couple inches. So, she took it all apart, cut a couple inches off the side 2×4’s and put it all back together. This morning she hung it by herself while I was working on something in the kitchen. Now just need a wind free day that allows me to be outside to paint. Oh, yes. Then we need to put chicken wire up on the roof, finish the concrete planters, plant grapes, redo the fencing, and create the chicken forage frames. Almost done!

While Sue was outside working away. I was in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on this Birch Tree take on the traditional Buche de Noel. Somehow we decided that this is what our friends Ron and Carl needed for their birthday celebration. So, Today I sugared rosemary sprigs and blueberries. Created meringue mushrooms and birch bark frosting. The cake was pretty yummy too.

Here we are! Celebrating Ron’s (at the head of the table) and Carl’s (red shirt on the right) birthdays. They are actually in the summer, but Ron and Kathy return to Minnesota for the summer months very soon, so we wanted to celebrate as a group before they left. You’ll recognize Ron and Kathy from their help with other projects around the farm. Carl is our choir director here and sitting next to him is his lady friend Jeanne. Sue is standing. We had a wonderful luncheon party creating build-your-own pizzas and then ate the cake! Ron and Kathy hosted and it was an amazingly wonderful day to be outside, enjoying time with good friends. Thanks!

This was a great day to be “lazy”. Every once in a while, I just truly enjoy having a fun day. If we get back at it on Tuesday, as planned – we’ll record it and share it with you. Promise! Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!