I awoke this morning to a glorious sound… quiet! Truly, the absence of wind was just amazing. I quickly texted the secretary at work and let her know that I wouldn’t be in to work until the afternoon. I knew Sue would want to take advantage of the calm since it does not happen very often. And, was I right?

Yes, yes I was. So after chores and a quick breakfast, Sue got the tractor ready and we began the ditch work. We had marked the ditch a few weekends ago, so Sue was able to follow the line with the back hoe pretty easily. I was there as look out, just in case we ran into some random water lines or anything else we weren’t aware of. There are no schematics at all for the property, so it is always a crap shoot.

We worked at it a couple of hours. I kept watch, Sue went slowly and carefully. We never came across any water lines and made some good headway. I also shoveled out the loose dirt along the way , so it is a pretty good trench. The water line for the upper field, where we’re planting olive trees, will go here, coming from the spigot that you can just barely make out at the end of the trench, in this photo. We did pretty well I think, we’re a quarter of the way there and are past the area that could have had buried water or other lines, so now – if there is a quiet day, Sue doesn’t need to worry if I can go in late to work or not. She is free to dig on her own! Since the wind has been almost constant, this makes it easier for her to jump on the tractor if there happens to be a calm.

That was our morning today. Don’t know what’s in store for the remainder of the week, this was a big one for us to get done, so we’re pretty happy with that. If something comes up, I’ll let you know. Until then, as always~
thanks for reading!