Sometimes we are a bit melancholy. Sometimes we wonder what the heck are we doing. Sometimes it is difficult to make sense of the things that happen on a farm, or to understand why. We’ve had a hard few days.

We ended up being unable to save the beautiful Easter Egger with the sour crop. Even though there were a couple of days there that we thought she was getting better, we were unable to fix whatever issue gave her the inability to clear her crop, which is what makes it sour. She tried and we tried, but it just didn’t work. It’s always difficult when you’ve worked so long to heal a critter, and it just can’t be.

We lost one of the new meat chicks yesterday morning. I found him just stretched out dead. No apparent physical reason. Just didn’t survive. We don’t like it when we can’t pinpoint a cause. We always wonder what happened, or what we could have done better.

Roma lost both of her goslings. The first to some type of accident with the egg. It ended up crushed a few days before the little one was ready to hatch. It didn’t survive the premature hatch. Then, the other one hatched out ok, but was attacked by a chicken (or several) and died. It is so sad. If she is ready to sit next year, we’ll make sure to put her in a brooder or try to hatch them in an incubator the last few days. We’ll see how it works out.

I don’t have anything else to add to that really. We have one banty hen that is sitting still, she is in a brooder and we think she’ll be fine in there for a while. We need to move the water babies somewhere, but are, I think, a bit reluctant after all the troubles lately. For now, they are ok where they are, but soon the teen meat birds are going to need more space and the opportunity to go outside. When we make up our minds, we’ll let you know how that turns out. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading.