Hey! I have a couple of updates for you. (How’s that for a short opening paragraph?!)

The penultimate batch of chicks arrived on Friday. They are still at cute fluff ball fuzzy stage. It won’t last very long. They get gangly and pin cushion like very quickly. I suppose that’s a good thing, overall.

This weekend was a bit odd since Sue had to play at a memorial service at church and I ended up attending. Threw off our projects, so this morning, we ended up doing what we were going to try to do Saturday morning. Finished putting together the last few joins and the up spouts for the water line to the southwest pasture. We need to be able to get water to the olive trees and other bushes we want to plant in the swales up there. Initially we thought that the amount of rain we’d get during monsoon would be enough, but we’ve realized that the drought we’re experiencing just won’t sustain trees – even those that have been established for decades. So, we’ll need to add a secondary source for the dryness in between.

After this, Sue will need to get the tire fixed on the tractor so we can cover the water line. Then she’ll probably hire our neighbor, Tom, to come with his auger and drill some holes for us – It is just so much easier that way – it pulls up all the rocks and goes through the hard pan like butter. So much better than trying to hand dig 20+ holes! Yes, indeed. For now, we’re good. Not sure what we’ll be talking next, maybe I’ll be able to say that I’ve planted the tomatoes and the eggplants. Also need to feed the strawberries, I think. We’ll see how well we do on those little tasks. As I’m typing this I’m asking for egg orders. Still have quite a few people on vacation or TDY. What am I going to do with all these eggs? Why is it that when we don’t have very many everyone wants them and when we have a surplus I can’t find enough buyers? Murphy’s Farming Law I guess. I have a day or so to find the orders, so hopefully I’ll be able to report back with good news at some point. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!