So many times, when it’s been a long while since I’ve posted a blog, it is because I just don’t know what to write. There’s only so many times you can say, it’s windy, we fed the chickens, Sue pulled tons of weeds, etc. So I’m trying something that has been suggested in many circles. Put your butt in a chair and just write. So here we are, sitting and writing. No preconceived thoughts or a theme for the post. I do have some photos, so I guess we’ll just start there.

So, we’ve been having a good deal of rain lately. I took this quick snap while driving home from work the other day. I was headed right towards this storm cell, and let me tell you – it was powerful! I ended up going 20 mph with the windshield wipers going full tilt! Amazing. Today we had almost a whole day of soft gentle rain….and no thunder, thankfully. The dogs have been not dealing well with the thunder this week. We’ve had some sleepless nights. Whoops! And we have more rain! Thank you for all your prayers.

The recent wet weather has helped with the growth of the fruit trees. These are two peaches from Sue’s birthday peach tree that Dustin gave her. This is only the second fruiting season it’s been here. So, second year, two peaches – does that mean that third year, three peaches and so on? Maybe they’ll come on in the Fibonacci Sequence. 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13…. Yes, we did have one peach last year, but a squirrel stole it before it even turned from green. Evil squirrel.

In other unrelated and non-themed news, we had a rattle snake in the dove enclosure. Don’t worry, got it out. Then I found this complete shed skin over by one of the doors to the main coop. Complete sheds are rare to find because they are so fragile. This one was head to tail and you can even see where the eyes were. I took it in to the gun shop and David helped my preserve it in some solution he has for this purpose. We soaked it for a couple of days and then rolled it up in paper towels. We’re going to give it to one of our good friends who enjoys snake skins.

Today we were supposed to be processing chickens; however, it was called off due to rain. We’ll be doing this over Monday and Tuesday this week. We have quite a few and some extra roosters from the first batch. They were added to the shipping for warmth, since it was early in the year. They are a different breed from the meat birds, but they are a caution! They are causing so much upset in the coop dynamic that they just have to go. Please keep us in your thoughts for that, always a difficult first day for us. Second day isn’t that bad, just cleaning, packaging, and freezing. I’ll give a brief update on that in the future. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading.