we’re back

we're bacjSo, maybe you noticed that we didn’t have a post Monday. Totally my bad! Nothing was wrong, nothing happened untoward, I was just out of town (again). Work took me up to the Phoenix area for a couple of days and – when I found myself with a free evening on Monday, instead of staying in the hotel and blogging, I took myself to Surprise, Arizona and met up with our old friend, Capt. Rev. Dr. Floyd Ellison :).  Somewhere there’s a photo to prove it… maybe on my Facebook page. In any case, I’m back – which means we’re back and here we are with a Wednesday quick post. Continue reading

photo ops

Today the big storm hit! Had to come home early, before the roads became impassable. Decided  to take this opportunity to do a bit of photo shooting. You never know when a good snow photo will come in handy for a Christmas card later in the year. Since you know that we couldn’t do any of our projects today… I’m declaring this post to be a photo essay of the snow day! The photos start when I get home around 11:30 and I shot into the afternoon, through the golden hour, while putting chickens away, and past sundown. Hope you enjoy. Continue reading

for or against

IMG_4053Today, when I stopped by to make a bank deposit for work, the cute little teller asked me, “Snow – are you for or against?” It was kind of an odd little question, but seeing as we still have snow in the mountains, and are expecting more at week’s end, I understood where she was coming from. I’d bet that the “for” vs. “against” are about 50/50 in Sierra Vista. There are a whole lot of people who have said, “I didn’t move to Arizona to be cold!” There are the snowbirds who are here to get away from all that white stuff. Then there are people like me who say, “If it melts off by noon, I’m for it.” It just looks pretty! Continue reading

typical tropical

A number of years ago – when I was just a teenager – I really liked this singer who went by the singular name of “Taco”. I liked his voice which hearkened back to another era and he did remakes of older songs I enjoyed in their original versions.  He did a re-imagining of “Singing in the Rain” with a cute introduction that ended “…Typical tropical. I go on vacation and mother nature gives up on me. … Ah-well; I’m singing in the rain.”  That kept going through my head as I flew into San Diego yesterday in the midst of the Pineapple Express weather system. I’m sharing the 80’s video below.

Continue reading

here’s a quickie

UPDATE IMAGEIt’s Wednesday, and you know that means a quick up-date so we can get to choir rehearsal. Wanted to talk about a few things from the weekend. Sometimes it’s funny how the days run together, and I have a hard time remembering exactly when something specific happened. I have to think about what else was going on to keep the happenings in their proper position. Let’s see how I do.  Chances are, I may have talked about this, but, perhaps not. Continue reading

thanks are due

thank you2I really just want to take a moment to say, “Thank you.” Thank you to all of you who follow this blog. It always surprises me when I get a notification that someone has “liked” the blog, or that comments have been posted. People follow via e-mail, Facebook page, and directly on WordPress. My Aunt Carolyn consistently like’s and shares our post -which is so sweet. I’m sure her friends wonder why the heck she does that, but I appreciate her support! Continue reading


animal husbandryAnimal Husbandry is the science of breeding and caring for animals. A person who does this was, historically, called a husbandman. So, being a “husbandman” is difficult. You just have to know so many odd things. Like, Duck breeding habits. Let me share a little bit of what we learned this week about Drakes. There may be some frank talk about animal parts and pieces, so if you’re reading this with children – please pre-read to make sure you’re comfortable with what follows. Continue reading

winter blues

snow man 1You know, “they” have labeled almost everything you can think of. I’m always finding out about labels that I didn’t know existed. I think I’ve heard of this one though, often it affects people who live in extremely northern or southern areas which experience lengthened periods of darkness, sometimes places like Oregon that receive a ton of rain – I’m talking about Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.). I don’t think we want to go so far as to say that we have S.A.D.; but we’ve sure been fighting off a case of the blah’s lately.  I think losing Taco-George has something to do with it. The constant wind drives us batty and keeps us up at night, mostly worrying about the animals and whether the RCW will tip over again or not. The cold has just crept into our bones and it’s been hard to warm up once we’re back in the house… then all of a sudden we’ll be so incredibly hot, only to get cold again when we go out to do chores or put everyone away. The last few days have been dark and dreary, cold and windy, so I think we’re just feeling a little sun and warmth deprived. Continue reading

winter trains

train in rainWinter trains roar moodily down our hillsides, towing the rain behind them and delivering it wrapped in wild gusts of wind. (I searched for quite a while for just the right image to go along with that carefully constructed sentence; this is the best I could come up with.) They try their utmost to sneak up on you while your attention is otherwise diverted by seriously pecking little friends, but their surprise is always thwarted by the prelude of sound slashing through the fields and trees above. The wind has been throwing the spats of rain against the windows; they serve as the percussion under the howl. Morgrim and Katie, the two cats who allow us to share their home, are unsettled as they hunker on the dining table with tails curled across their feet and gaze out the large porch window, to see the cactus wrens flying backwards towards their nests. Another interesting day in the high desert cold season. Continue reading