So, this happened…

IMG_2190Things always keep going, no matter what.  Even if they are little things.  Or nature – type things. While I was out in California, it seems we had some weather. Sue said that it rained for a couple of days – snowed in the mountains just above us. First snow of the season, really.  It’s been quite cold at night; this morning I ended up having to scrape the windshield. We really needed the rain, so I’m glad we were blessed. I’m also glad that I didn’t end up driving home in any type of rainy weather. Sure makes for a pretty view. Continue reading

The traveling blogger.

I’m traveling this weekend; in Ramona, California to visit my family and friends, and to bury Belle’s ashes in the pet cemetery at the family farm. Many, many beloved pets have their final resting place on the farm, not just our family pets, but several friends’ pets as well.  Belle enjoyed many days at Grandma and Grandpa’s place. She had fun chasing the Turkeys – well, until one flew right over her, and then she simply barked from afar – she enjoyed walks in the orchard, drinking the water from the fish pond, and laying on the front porch watching the humming birds. I think it’s only fitting to bring her ashes back to her second home. Dad made a great grave marker for her and she’ll be at peace under the oak trees. It’s a poignant weekend for me.  Anyway~ Continue reading

It’s Electric!

Some months ago, Sue purchased an electric week wacker to use around the house. We have several electrical outlets in various places out in the yard most adjacent to the porch, so she thought it’d be an easy way to keep the grass down in the front yard. The electric trimmers are so much more light than the gas or even the battery operated types. So, she plugged in the weed wacker and began a-wacking weeds. Not five minutes later, the motor began smoking and the it blew itself up.   Continue reading

Winter Fortifications

Because we’re into winter cold spells now, Sue has been taking extra time to work on the coop. Today she spent some time adding more wood to the walls around the biggies side, making the straw insulation a bit more permanent than just with the tarps. The silly things were starting to pull it off the walls. Sue had gone around and filled up the straw before she added the 2×4’s to keep them from getting in there and laying their eggs. Now they won’t be able to pull the tarps off the walls at all.  Here are some “after” shots of the interior. Continue reading

*Freeze Warning*

38581136-image-freeze-warningThe last couple of days we’ve had freeze warnings here. We did take them to heart, but we really didn’t think it would get as low as it did. I have the NOAA weather application on my phone, and it is pretty accurate about the warnings that it gives.  I have it programmed for Ramona and for Hereford. So, while Ramona warnings were all about wind and extreme fire danger, ours were about freezing temperatures. Continue reading

It’s putzing around weather

winter_is_hereIt’s funny how when you do an image search on “Winter Is Here” you get so many Game of Thrones references. I didn’t search for “Winter is Coming”, but that’s what the majority of the images were. Anyway… tiff over. Even though it’s not technically winter – according to the astrological calendar, that date is actually December 21st and it arrives here at 9:28 in the morning – the temperatures are heralding its arrival!  Currently it’s 41°, but the weather info says “feels like 36°”. Last night we received a frost warning that goes through tomorrow. There was also a small possibility of snow in the mountains last night, but I didn’t see any on my way to work. ‘Course, it’s still a bit dark then. We’ve had the citrus trees covered for a few nights now, and I’m contemplating giving the broccoli some water bottles to keep them warm tonight. Doesn’t take much to keep them from freezing. Continue reading

Deconstructing continues…

IMG_2135Ta da! Here is the the trailer at it’s barest. It is ready for its new purpose in life. Sue went to Home Depot yesterday and ordered the materials to create the Have Chickens, Will Travel Trailer. That’s not what we’re really calling it, it’s just what typed out on the page. She said the guy at Home Depot asked “Why do you want to put your chickens in a trailer anyway?” After she explained about Pasturing chickens, his response was, “Oh.” Well… you know, it’s all an adventure! The frame is really quite sturdy and has very little rust on in considering all the leaking that it had weathered. Sue’s looking at the best way to treat the frame to remove the rust and then repaint it. Told you this would be an ongoing, long term project. Continue reading

What’s Happening?

IMG_2115That’s a very good question. Is it just me or did this week seem to simply fly by? When I got home today, Sue said, “I sure didn’t do anything today.” Then she proceeded to tell me all the things she did work on. The biggest of which was research and planning for completing the trailer-cum-chicken tractor. There are a lot of things to think about: needs to be strong enough to withstand the winds and be towed all around the pasturelands, needs to be tall enough for people access, yet not too big or heave so that it can be towed all around the pasturelands, needs a storage place for food and a tank to harvest any water that is collected from the roof, needs to have enough nesting boxes for 30+ chickens as well as indoor roosting space. That’s a lot to take into consideration. Plus figuring out what lumber is needed… there’s math involved in all that stuff! Takes some brain-power; glad she’s doing it! Continue reading


IMG_2105I have no idea what to call this update… you can only use the title ‘Update’ so many times. So, I’m calling it “Deconstructed”, in reference to Sue’s trailer project.  Even though we’ve been busy with various and sundry things, there’s not much to report – project wise, since Monday -other than her progress on the trailer. From the photo on the left (or above – depending on your viewing apparatus), you can see that Sue has almost completed deconstructed the camping trailer! She’s been working so hard on it over the last several days. At first we thought that the floor was in really great shape, but it turns out that much of it was rotted underneath the linoleum – especially in the corners where there was a great deal more water damage than you could initially see. So, looks like we’ll end up taking more of it to the trash than anticipated, but there will still be many more pieces remaining to re-use. Pretty amazing! Continue reading

Monday, Monday.

Seems we were just here, yet it’s been a week! Things change, yet stay the same. We still have chickens on the DL (isn’t that the list of injured players? – Disabled List?), but they may be making progress. The little hen has been out of her sling a few days now and is beginning to attempt getting around; the little rooster with what we believe to be a muscle strain is moving around more easily yet still in the quarantine crate, we’ll keep him there a day or two just to make sure he doesn’t end up re-injuring himself; Leggs had her bandages removed to see how she fares – we think that the bumble-foot issues in both of her feet have heeled. It was a really long process for her, but never slowed her down one bit! Continue reading