gettin’ ready

are you ready words circle marked on a calendarAs we start to really think about getting ready (no, we’re not ready to get ready – only thinking about getting ready) for the late spring and all summer processing season, we are trying to get our freezer emptied so that we can defrost it. This is a me mandate… must eat what we have before we buy more! Doesn’t really work for us tho’. Today I purchased shrimp, because we don’t have any, and where do they go? In the freezer. Granted, they are for Thursday’s dinner, but still. Geesh. Continue reading

spring is near

AP_Groundhog2.20-1200x768This Sunday, as well as it being Superbowl Sunday, it was Groundhog day (and Sue’s Aunt Pat’s birthday!) The report was that  Punxsatawney Phil did not see his shadow, which – traditionally – heralds an early spring. Isn’t it great what we can learn from animals? Sue and I, however, didn’t really need good ol’ Punxsatawney Phil to tell us  that spring is near. Continue reading

gardening anyone?

chicken gardenYep. Here I am on Super Bowl Sunday, watching the game and blogging, because – you know, there are so many replays and chatter that you can totally keep up and still do something else. Besides, I can always  stop typing to watch the commercials. It’s almost halftime, so we’ll need to pause live TV to go put the chicken’s in in just  a few minutes. No matter what is happening between the Chiefs and the 49ers (Go Chiefs – for Holly and Family), I really just want to talk about gardening and what we did yesterday. Continue reading


I just wanted to do a quick recap of our processing day on Saturday. I have zero photos of that day. I think neither Sue, nor I were really wanting to do this this past weekend. Not that we were trying to put it off, but it’s different when you’re going to be processing meat birds. These were the Banty roosters, that we just couldn’t keep any longer and the male Apple duck, who was getting more and more aggressive towards Roma, the goose. So, we just had to take care of them. Sadly. Continue reading


stringYou’ve got to be careful when you google for images. Did you know that if you just put in the word “string” to search for images that you get a whole lot of photos of g-string underwear? Just warning you. However, I am not talking about underwear, nor string theory (which I love!), nor even about stringing words together – I’m talking about a string of not so great news lately. Just a warning, there is one graphic photo, but it’s in artsy black and white, so it won’t be too shocking. Let’s keep this one short today. Continue reading

planting out the tree

taking down the treeFor the last couple of years, “taking down the tree” after Christmas, in our house, ultimately ends up as “planting out the tree”.  Last year’s Christmas tree hung around in its pot until late summer when it was added to the south wind break we’ve taken to calling, “the tree line” At least this year we got the tree in the ground before the end of January! Continue reading

that’s a first

Red-tailed-HawkIn Sue’s Christmas letter, you may have read that we still had not lost any of the birds to predation… we’ve been here for 3 years now and that is a really long time with no deaths from hawks, owls, coyotes or other predators. Well, yesterday we had our first. Sue interrupted a hawk that had just dispatched Wheezy. Poor Wheezy. Sue feels bad, but all the other chickens were hiding, Wheezy just never liked going into the tractor. First chicken in three years. That’s pretty amazing. Continue reading