new curtains- a coop face-lift

curtainsRecently I’ve been searching for covers for my two wing chairs and my couch. They’ve taken some hits from the cats and I just wanted to freshen them up a bit, maybe do all the chairs and couches before the holidays. There are some great covers out now, not like the old ones that were always squeegeewompus after people sat on them. Do you know how expensive they are??? Maybe I’ll go to Big Lots and see what they have. It’s an easy way to give a quick face lift to the living room.  We all enjoy a fresh addition to the home: new area run, new duvet cover, new curtains. Well, the chickens like a coop face lift every now and then too. So, today  – thanks to Sue – we’re going to show you how to re-do chicken nesting box curtains, in seven easy steps. Continue reading

odds and ends

department-for-odds-and-endsMerriam Webster defines “odds and ends” as 1. a. miscellaneous articles b. miscellaneous small matters to be attended to, and 2. miscellaneous remnants or leftovers. We have a drawer in the kitchen – I’m sure you do to – that contains all types of odds and ends… rubber bands, twisty ties, bread wrapper clips. If you’re looking for one of something, there is a good chance you’ll find it in there. This post will be a bit like that – an odd bit of miscellany here or there that doesn’t really fit into any other article. I just want to draw your attention to the logo at right and the motto for the “Federal Department of Odds and Ends” – sweepus underum carpetae. The photos I’ll post might very well have been swept under the digital carpet – except now they will find a home here. Don’t expect much. Continue reading


moving-day-02Weekends are always busy around here. Even when we’re just doing regular stuff… we’re busy. Yesterday seemed particularly busy, it wasn’t necessarily, just seemed that way I guess. First thing after chores we initiated moving day for the RCW. It was past time, but we just weren’t sure where to go. It’s always easier to move when Dustin is around because he can level the trailer in nothing flat and it takes us forever. Continue reading

soils Saturday

img_4831.jpegToday Sue and I went to a Soils workshop in Tombstone that was sponsored by the Hereford NRCD (Natural Resources Conservation District). We are what’s called “Co-operating” members. We joined and do our best to conserve the natural resources: Air, Earth, Water, Plants, and Animals. So we wanted to support the workshops that our district is holding. It was held at the Tombstone high school with help from the Future Farmers of America chapter there. Continue reading

hedge fund?

hegefundNo, not that kind of hedge fund. More like, you know, funds. For the hedge. If you visit the “Dreaming into Reality” page, you’ll see that we have a list of ways that you can become part of the adventure, without even having to visit – although, we always want you to  come visit. Anyway, we did receive a very nice contribution from two wonderful friends… a while ago. We spent it on several palnts that we needed, and we jokingly called it the Conrad Hedge Fund. So— today’s post is brought to you, in part, by the Conrad Hedge Fund; furthering the work of feeding the community one chicken at a time. Continue reading


These are the photos that I wanted to share with you yesterday, but we didn’t get this year’s taken until this afternoon.  There are mostly 4 sets that I’m sharing with you, the top one is always the oldest, which means – excepting in one case which is 2016 – they are 2017, 2018, 2019.   These are taken from the Shrine on the hill above us.  The first set are photos that I combined in Photoshop – they give you an over view of the entire property, which shows in color. The rest are left, middle, right as you look down from above. The cross streets on the left  photo are South Stone Ridge Road which runs left to right in the photos, and Prince Place which runs from top to bottom.  See how many changes you can spot… there are many, though some you cannot see. Continue reading

don’t know

idk'Sometime’s there are days that I just don’t know what to write about. I think today will be a rather rambling post today. Also short. As you know, the last couple of days were rainy days for us (thank you, God) and we didn’t really have the opportunity to do anything beyond our regular chores. Today it wasn’t rainy, but I had to work and Sue spends Thursdays practicing the organ and other piano pieces for Sunday’s services; we didn’t accomplish any projects. Continue reading

autumnal eats

IMG_4799Autumn arrived in the Sky Islands today! I know the Autumnal Equinox was yesterday, but we had our first Fall day today. I saw somewhere that we had 2.6 inches of rain! That was a good rain for us.  We had/have a flash flood warning for today, until 8pm, but it looks like most of the rain is over for tonight. This photo was taken during dusk this evening looking to the South East, what I usually term “down Mexico way”. You can see the remnants of our storm, but it is starting to clear up for the evening. Continue reading