It seems like I’m saying this a lot lately, but I’m continuing to have difficulty coming up with stuff to write about. Guess that’s why there’s been more information than usual about other companies and people. Oh well. It’s late and I can’t think of anything interesting and I cannot concentrate enough to write so you’re getting a quick  list. Again. Continue reading


ECO-LOGOLast Saturday, at the Bisbee Farmer’s Market, in the pouring down rain – I was approached by one of the market regulars, Thaddeus. He asked me if we had our eggs at Ecoasis. Well – no we didn’t. I had noticed the sign on the way into Warren, and I know a few of my other market friends (Ginny’s Eclectic Kitchen, Bisbee Good Cakes, Golden Rule Dairy) have their stuff there – but I hadn’t been in yet to check it out and I really wasn’t sure what the deal was. He told me that they consign local produce, eggs, dairy, and baked goods. We decide the price of our goods and then Ecoasis will keep 20%.  I asked him who I needed to contact about it, he said: “Me.” Continue reading


counting chickensThings are really hatchin’ around here! You know we had that one baby banty a month or so ago… he/she is still hanging around doing its thing. For the purposes of this blog, let’s call it Blackie, because we just don’t know if its a he or a she, yet. We weren’t too sure if Blackie would last , what with 3 mama’s and all, and there was a time when Blackie was being severely picked on by one of the other hens, but so far Blackie is a survivor.  Blackie is also camera shy. I haven’t been able to get a photo of that chick for many weeks now… always running to hide behind something or some other chicken. When we first had to put Blackie in a cage out of harms way of the flock, it ran and put its head under a clump of grass… just like an ostrich! I had never seen that behavior in a chicken before. Continue reading

happy friday!

Dfr01L1WkAAgx2mWe are happy today; we’ve been getting wet stuff from the sky off and on for the last couple of days, and it is supposed to continue on into tomorrow. Sue got completely soaked today while doing the chores. Guess it was pouring, but I missed that. We’re in the zone of this Tropical Storm ‘Bud’ that is getting a nice amount of rain. I thought that, since I spend so much time lamenting the fact that we’ve been dry, dry, dry; I’d share when we’re actually getting the good stuff! Thank you, God, for pushing Tropical Storm ‘Bud’ our way.  Great way to start the 2018 Monsoon Season. Continue reading

i’d bless the rain

We are so very close to Monsoon season, I can truly feel it! It is so darn hot and muggy – that’s the feeling it part. The clouds are also making monumental appearances each day, there just hasn’t been any rain. We are praying for rain, daily… we are living in a dry and thirsty land at the moment just waiting to bless the rain. As I’ve been thinking about that, it’s funny that a friend of mine and I had a long text exchange about that song by Toto, “Africa”. I’ve embedded my favorite cover of it above…  right before the rains begin, this song runs through my mind. Enjoy. Continue reading

all the babies!

Gimme all the babies! Yes, I know they are really chicks and ducklings and goslings – but they are still just little babies. The photos at the top show how they arrive in the mail. The local USPS calls Sue first thing in the morning and she runs over to get them; ok she doesn’t really run, she drives over and picks them up. Generally they are hungry and thirsty. They are shipped when they are first hatched and have not eaten. I’ve talked about how they survive this once before, so you can search through earlier posts for that dissertation. Did they all make it? Keep reading to see. Continue reading


egg flats

egg flat

We take full advantage of stores that have delivery in our neck of the woods. Home Depot, Tractor Supply, Walmart, CostCo, Amazon to name a few of the more common ones, and they have things that you wouldn’t necessarily expect. We got our chicken plucker from Walmart, of all places. Last year I got a bunch of egg flats from Tractor supply – they were 99 cents a dozen! A flat holds 2 and a half dozen eggs and that’s what I use to take eggs to our customer, Tom the baker. It’s great when I come home and there’s a package in the driveway. It’s kinda like Christmas! Sometimes it’s not that much fun, if we’re getting brewers yeast, but seeds are always neat or plants or trees. Right now, we’re expecting a delivery of egg cartons and a delivery of baby chicks, ducks, and a goose! Continue reading

r.c.w. & other things

IMG_2769Midweek roundup! Well, update anyway. I had promised some photos of the RCW because Sue had been working so hard to get it completed. The goal is still to get it out in the field this weekend with the chickens out there and the fence up. Here are a couple of photos, inside and out! Sue isn’t really sure of about the Fire Engine red (called “Safety Red” on the cans) but i think it’s GREAT! And the inside looks amazing as well. She and Dustin are adding another couple of window on each side for IMG_2770as much  ventilation as possible, because it is getting pretty hot in there at this point in time. Want to make sure as much breeze comes through as possible. The flashing looks great along the bottom, don’t you think? Looks so spiffy and clean. Also – love the red ramp!!! “High ceilings and low floors.” Trying to decide what we should paint on it for the decoration portion. Do you remember that at first I wanted to decorate it like a Romney caravan wagon – that’s why I call it the Romney Chicken Wagon… but lately I’ve been leaning more to something a bit more modern. I mentioned the huge sunflower I envisioned immediately when Sue sent texted me a photo of the first coat of red. A few days ago I was thinking I could maybe do a fun chicken head on one side…  So, this is what I’m talking about:

Which are your favorites? Or what would you like to see? I kinda like the sassy hen on the white background above… something like that would be funny. Maybe we should hire Caylor Nuth! (let’s see if she responds to that :).)   If you have an idea of what to paint on the wagon, add it to the comments, or message me. Maybe we should have some type of contest. I’m open to ideas.  All right, I’ve wasted a lot of time trying to find images of the painting that I had in mind and I can’t find it anywhere. So, let’s leave this train of thought and go on to other things.

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new ducks

Memorial-Day-BannerHappy Memorial Day (Side note: actually, that always struck me as an odd saying – remembering those who have given their all for our country, isn’t necessarily a Happy occasion; however, I am grateful for those who have fought to protect our liberty.) Here’s a quick post for a Memorial Day Monday. Writing while eating – so forgive me if there are little food stains on your screen :). We worked outside all day today. Lots to do and a great day in which to do it.  We’re making headway on many projects. Dustin came over to caulk the RCW – our goal is to move it, and chickens, next weekend. We laid out the drip line for the chestnut trees and I also started on the circle garden. The Chestnut orchard took the entire 500 feet of black line, plus maybe 20 feet more of used line. The water does make it all the way to the top of the orchard at a good clip, so we should be fine in that respect. That was the day today, but not really what I wanted to talk about. So let’s go there. Continue reading

friday, funday

Write no this evening from the midst of the Neighborhood Market. This is our second time here, still trying out. Lots of really great vendors with fun stuff to eat/make/purchase. Lovely customers coming for the very first time and liking what they see! So far, I think this little trailer is my favorite. I haven’t tried any of her baked goods, but saw this little trailer and it made me think of my friend Caylor… she could totally pull off a trailer makeover like this. Has a great little kitchen in there. So fun! There areimg_2760-1 only two problems with being the only one at the booth: it’s difficult to visit the other booths and you don’t have anyone to give me a potty break! Last week Mom was here to help- so I was fine. Then miss Holly came by with Gus and Jack- so I could even go and eat! Need to make a friend here :). Plus, I need someone to help me with my sign. The wind was drying out my chalk pen before I was halfway done with the wording. Hey! wait, there are Holly and Mrs. Higbee with the whole family. Thank you, Mrs. Higbee, for giving me a potty break! Now I’m back, and- Look! Sue came to check everything out. Cool, maybe I can talk her into buying me a cookie from that cute little trailer.

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