2020 Easter EggsBlessings to you on this day! Today, being Sunday, and after attending to “virtual” church services this morning, I thought I’d share how God is working in our lives and helping us to share those golden nuggets with people all over the place. (Not, chicken nuggets, I mean eggs!!!) One of my Face Book friends, from High School, posted this photo of eggs today – I thought it was rather apropos of the season. I don’t know if she made them or not, but I shared it to the Wing and a Prayer Facebook page, giving her photo credit. Thought it was cute enough to share here (thanks again Cheryl). Continue reading

sad update



As everywhere, our weeks are not normal. We continue to do our every day chores and work on projects around the house as best as we can. This last week was a difficult week – we had to put down several chickens, including our much loved rooster Olaf. You may remember that he was being picked on by the goose and several others. We had placed him in the top brooder to keep an eye on him, but he did not get better. We didn’t want to have him suffer, so we put him down along with 2 hens. Continue reading

oh dear

chicken-on-stretcherWe have another first in chicken illnesses, I mean a first for us. I suppose that the longer we do this, the more chicken issues we’ll come across. Yesterday, I had a chicken die as I was trying to save it; but Sue assures me it wasn’t my fault. Today Sue found another chicken with an issue and my immediate response was, “Don’t give her to me!” Continue reading

a farm response

chicken fowl playSo, you’re bored enough with quarantine to check into what’s happening with the farm life, huh?! Well – welcome! I don’t think that we’re as badly affected, here, as other places, e.g.: California. Here, in our county, we have only one case of Covid-19 report and it was on Post. We are being cautious and optimistic. Our chickens are working hard to continue to provide eggs, so we had a little confab with them this afternoon. What follows is the farm’s response. Continue reading

egg report

030172020 Egg ReportOk. Here it is the very long awaited and much missed egg report. I have no excuse for not sharing the numbers, save for sheer laziness. So, I’ve created a little spreadsheet for you. Hope it fills in whatever you’ve felt was missing from your chicken news life. 🙂  As you can see, the goose has not been contributing to the numbers in some time – lazy goose.  Everyone else is doing the best they can. Average daily chicken egg total for this part of the month is 26.8; duck egg, 1.65. Not bad as we work our way toward Spring.


spring-is-in-the-airOur friend back home, Leah, has been posting photos, for weeks now, showing heralds of Spring… thought I show you Spring heralds in our garden and talk of some plantings that we hope will take off, come Spring. By the sound of things outside, you can sure tell the birds are ready for Spring. Not just our birds, but all those little wildlings that like to mooch off of the chickens. The strawberry finches are especially vocal this afternoon. Continue reading