can we come in now?

goat boysI’m not going to do the weekend update until later. I’ll be traveling Wednesday and want to have something that I can talk easily about while I’m gone. I’ll be leaving for Phoenix  tomorrow afternoon for a workshop over a couple of days. I’ll be back Thursday afternoon, but will definitely have time in the late evening, Wednesday to post. So I am not anticipating losing a day. Anyway, let’s talk about today and why these goats really, really, really want to come through the gate. Continue reading


Prepared Not UnpreparedSo, today was preparation day. Tomorrow is processing day. Not a favorite day, but a necessary one. We’ll be processing 15 birds and Sue spent some time today setting up the accoutrements – as much as she could, out of the weather. It was rather a drizzly day today and you can’t leave the plucker and the scalder out in the weather – both electric, right, so just wouldn’t do. She’s got them set up in the car port and tomorrow we’ll put the kettle on for the scalder, lay down a tarp, hang up a tarp, gather some chickens and say some prayers.  Continue reading


choreSomeone asked me recently, “What are the chores that you’re always talking about?” So, I guess if you’re not familiar with farm life, you might not know what those entail. So I thought I’d just talk about what makes up chores here.  When I was growing up, my brother and I shared in the chores. I remember that we fed the dogs and cats, when we had horses, we fed teh horses and cleaned their stall, we fed the rabbits, we may have fed the cows occasionally, but mom was usually milking and she would feed them at the same time. I think as I got older I would strain the milk and put it in bottles. Our chickens and ducks were in an aviary, so I don’t think we had to put them in, and I don’t really remember feeding them – but we would sometimes collect eggs. Mom kept track of what to do and when… if we had baby cows, mixing up the formula and giving them their bottles where often on the list. We didn’t do chores in the morning, unless it was the weekend, only in the afternoon/evening. For me it went: piano, homework, chores – then more homework if necessary.  It’s different for us here though. Continue reading

not feelin’ it

1622533_1Sue told me the other day that she thought the posts were generally positive – and I’m really glad that they seem to come across that way. Today, however, I’m just not feelin’ it. Although I don’t have any thing “bad” to report, I – personally – just have a general feeling of malaise. You know, it’s Monday and it was the longest, short weekend I’ve had in a while. I’m sure it’s just because I am dealing with some lingering effects of Shingles – and its got me a bit out of sorts. So, while I’m sure this will be a fine post, it probably will not be effusively upbeat. Guess I’m asking for your indulgence, at this point. Continue reading

today’s post brought to you by…

number-1920553_960_720…the number three. We’ll add chickens any chance we get! Who doesn’t need more chickens? Just three more, please. Today we’re going to pick up three Easter-Eggers from a church friend who is moving to Georgia. His wife is getting transferred, so they are picking up and heading East. They are the family that gave us the four hens earlier this summer. Well pick them up soon and put them in with


Eggers in holding bin

their “flock” this evening at closing time. We’ll start the process of changing them over to organic food, so we can add all their eggs to our ‘sellable’ stash. It only takes a couple of weeks for the old food to be completely cleared from their bodies and their eggs can be considered organic. I was surprised that it could happen that quickly. After three weeks we could be adding their super large eggs to our cartons. These are also the chickens we’re going to pair up with the 3 goat boys. Chickens and goats are supposed to get along quite well. That will be an interesting adventure for all, I’m sure.


Continue reading

a grand day out

Any “Wallace & Gromitgrand day out” fans out there? If you’re not familiar with the shorts and movies, I recommend you look them up for a wonderful bit of silliness! I was thinking of this title earlier today; sometimes I start thinking about what the blog will be about quite early in the day, and this title just kept jumping to the top of the list. Then, as the day progressed and I was getting updates from Sue, I wondered if I’d be able to continue to work with it. Well – we’ll see how we do when we get down to the end. Some interesting things happened today. Ready to take a gander?  Continue reading

raise the roof!

IMG_3150Or at least the chicken tractor. That’s what we did before I went to work today. Sue thought it took longer than it should, but I thought we did it in pretty good time. The reason we did this? The banties were getting water in their coop on a regular basis and it wasn’t drying out in between the rains very well, so it was getting rather yucky in there. Sue had already taken out all straw from inside and they were left with just the bare floors, because they’re way old enough just to roost up on the roosts, and they were fine with that, but it smelled dank and musty – not a healthy environment. So Sue wanted to lift it off the ground, let more air circulate to dry it out (it already looks better and smells cleaner), keep them off the wet wood that’s underneath, and also provide them with a larger protected area of shade. So we lifted the tractor today and placed it on 1 large cinder block, plus a 1/2 block. That raised it enough that the chickens could get in underneath – maybe their food and water can go under there as well – in the front section where it’s easily accessible and can stay dry and cool during the summer rains and heat, then the water might not freeze in the winter.  Continue reading


OBE meaning - what does OBE stand for?

That’s one of Sue’s expressions left over from her Navy days. That’s what happened yesterday; I was ‘overcome by events’. So we’re doing another “make-up day” today. You know how I try to photo or graphic up by this paragraph that has something to do with the title? Well, today I fished around for an O.B.E. meme or clip-art, but when I looked up images, mostly what I was able to retrieve were photographs of people receiving a chivalry medal for The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. Not exactly what I was going for. We’ll just have to do with the standard graphic from Oh well. Can’t be cool every day. I’m also seeing that WordPress doesn’t particularly care for this graphic, so the words are a bit obscured. This is not operator error. Just so you know. Continue reading

looking back ‘n’ forward

look-back-forward-shot_1xHave I ever mentioned that I am not a morning person? Well, I am not. I never have been. I am more of a late night person, so I am very slow to wake and get to a functional state in the morning; usually this involves copious amounts of coffee. This can pose some problems on the farm – especially in summer. Sue, however, is a very early morning person. She’s always up before dawn, the only time I’m up before dawn is in mid-winter, when dawn comes around 7:00! I’m trying to regulate for morning, especially now when I’m staying home 3 days during the week. It’s just so much cooler (temperature wise) in the morning that we’ve got to do actual physical work then. How’s that working out for us? Let’s look at the last three days and see where we are, and where we’re trying to go this week. Continue reading