foot care

foot_careNo one will dispute that foot care is important. How far can we walk when we have a blister on our little toe? For me, not very far… well, that’s not true, I could kick off my shoes and be able to walk for a while, as long as it wasn’t rocky. My dad could tell you about the importance of foot care at the moment, since he’s been recovering from a crushed toe for over a week now. Mom cleans and bandages his foot/toe daily. We do foot care here too, and eye care, and leg care. I thought I’d just bring you all up to date on the critter care over the weekend. Continue reading

rainy day Saturday

rainThe morning didn’t start out wet, necessarily; it did rain some last night, but it wasn’t raining still. Neither Sue nor I were up for much today. Did the normal morning chore routine. Added some new things and took care of a few others. Just a rather normal Saturday morning. Too wet to move the RCW, we came in for breakfast after all the chores. Then I received a flash flood watch warning from NOAA. Yep, I’m that important that NOAA sends me text messages! We’re under flash flood watch until 3am tomorrow. That means that it has been completely cloudy and it has been wonderfully cool all day. I think we’re hitting the high right now and that is 76°! Lovely. Continue reading

photo stories

storyThe old cliché is that a “picture is worth a thousand words,” but I am here to tell you that most of our photos are worth, maybe, 50. They are all part of the adventure story though… sometimes the adventures happen so fast that we just aren’t able to capture them… mostly because a) we don’t have a camera/phone with us, b) we can’t get the camera/phone out of the pocket quickly enough, or c) didn’t even occur to us to take a photo. In other words, when we’re able to share photos, you should just consider yourselves lucky! Today, we’re catching up on photos that were taken and never shared… that’s rare. I was going to just post them and have you make up your own stories about them, but then I decided to give a bit of info. These will not be in chronological order. (There might be one photo that could be disturbing, but please know that everything turned out all right – you’ll know it when you see it.) Continue reading

wild weekend

Hey everyone! As predicted, I didn’t blog on Saturday after our newly dubbed “chicken freezer day”. Now, things have gotten a bit out of control today and it’s ended up being a bit late to blog much. So I’m just going to give you a quick update of the weekend, and then Thursday, I’ll do a better job of reporting all the stuff that went on over the last few days and share photos that have been piling up. I’m just going to let you know that there will be some frank talk about “chicken freezer day” and if you’re squeamish about that, do not go any further. Continue reading

best laid plans

bestlaidplansWe have cases of “best laid plans” all of the time. We think something is just going to take a few minutes to complete – and it ends up taking hours. Happens often. This week’s best laid plan was “once the old fence is gone from inside the goat pen, Scooby won’t be able to jump it any more.” Well, that’s what we thought. We figured he was using the old fence as a spring board to get over the new fence. Continue reading

the count

the countDid you ever watch Sesame Street? I loved The Count. I hated math later on, but I like The Count. As an adult, when you watch these kids shows, funny questions always creep up on you. Like, how hard was it for The Count to work in a base 10 numbering system, when he only had 8 fingers. Did he have to re-learn all his mathematics? I was half remembering the pose in this photo for the number 5, but that wouldn’t work – would it? Well, be that as it may – The Count, here, is our mascot for today because we are going to tally some things around here. The magic number is 7. Ready? Continue reading

a slow Saturday

65623986_337849847146732_4465131997330836748_nI think sometimes Sue wonders why it takes so long for me to write these little blog posts. I think that, much of the time is spent looking for my initial photo or image. The other major part is spent researching things like, definitions; snake/insect/bird identifications; chicken diseases; and the like. Another contributing factor is that I often write while we’re watching a movie – so sometimes my attention is diverted. Today, for the initial image that goes with the title, I finally decided to steal my cousin Callie’s photo of her latest flower creation… it seemed to bring about the “slow Saturday” sort of vibe. (Thanks, Callie!) You can check out her creations at calliesbrightblooms on Instagram. Anyway, it has been a nice quiet Saturday. We had a cooling rain come over around 1 this afternoon and took us from 101° to 78° in about 30 minutes. It rained hard for a good 15 minutes, but didn’t penetrate any more than a 1/4 of an inch. Need several more of those rain showers over several days. Since it has been a quiet few days, I thought I’d just give you some updates and share some photos of things we’ve been talking about the last several days.  Continue reading

halcyon days

summer daysAre there halcyon days of summer? Well, technically, no. And I suppose it really applies to the weather; currently our weather days are certainly not halcyon. However, as an idiom, I’d say that it refers to days of calm. Mostly with a nostalgic bent, which we don’t really have either, if I’m referring to this past week. I don’t know… maybe this is all too full of contradictions.  Continue reading

is it Saturday?

what day is itI am just so confused! I’m having a difficult time adhering to the schedule that I set up for myself. Saturdays just don’t feel like days I should be blogging. Eventually we’ll get into the new habit. This week feels weird anyway, ended up working in Bisbee four days this week and so now today feels like Wednesday – yesterday felt like Tuesday – and now I’m going to have a Groundhog day feeling all day tomorrow! Craziness! Continue reading