And-they-re-off-racing-logo…they’re off! Or maybe it should be “in”. Sue has started the incubation of six goose eggs.  As this is the first time we’ve ever done anything like this, it is a bit nerve wracking. Several things to remember to take care of… also had to find a place to set up the incubator.  So here’s what we’re doing. Continue reading


snowflakeWe’ve had some amazingly low temperatures the last few days. Yesterday was the coldest by far 29°, if I remember correctly. We warmed up a couple of degrees today. I’m talking about morning temperatures. Today we warmed up into the high 60’s! The next few days will remain a bit cold and then Christmas eve we’re in for a bit of rain… maybe snow if it doesn’t get too warm. The cold gives us some issues that we hadn’t really thought about before. Continue reading


unexpectedYes, today is Sunday. Yes, we usually don’t post at all on Sundays. I know; it’s unexpected. Unexpected has rather been our watch word lately. When I was searching for the title image, I kept running across images that said “Expect the unexpected”. How does one do that? if you expect it, then it is no longer unexpected. Am I right? I much preferred the phrase that our Pastor used today in the title of his Message, “Unexpect the Expected”.  I think God has been quietly and repeatedly trying to teach us this on the farm, lately. Continue reading


block wallIt’s been a long time since I’ve been in this particular spot. I have hit a block wall this week. Generally I can work through it and come up with something to write about, but if you could see into my brain, you would see something that looks exactly like the photo at the left. We’ve kind of been hunkering down for the winter and the holidays. Busy with so many things, but feeling like we’re running around in circles. We’ve been enjoying amazing sunrises and sunsets and have tried to share them with you on our Facebook page, and some here. I’m afraid, all I have for you are photos. Continue reading

more winterizing

winter-quote-3We really like the winter, except the cold and the dark and the wind. Otherwise – it’s wonderful! Seriously, the cooler temperatures during the day are wonderful… but we are not liking the really cold winds that have preceded this next storm. The last rains were more than welcome and the ground is still nice and moist from them. There is an incredibly slight chance that we will get snow sometime in the next few days, but – for Dad’s sake – we’re asking it to hold off. Hasn’t stopped the winterizing tasks though, as we had several things still to do. Continue reading

forget it…

Knit-Faster…winter isn’t coming, it’s already here! So, I knit and I read, so after I read the “Game of Thrones” I chuckled heartily when this little phrase started popping up all over after the series started to air. I always try to knit faster, but I’m easily distracted. Now winter has arrived with truly gale force winds heralding its frigid arrival. Continue reading