they just keep comin’

IMG_2366The winds that is. Every time I think we’ve seen the highest winds, they get higher! Today we caught a high of 54 mph as it was showing on the weather station.  At another time, I think the meter was overwhelmed because we had an amazingly strong gust, which did some minor damage around outside, and it never moved from 28 mph. We’ve had a slight chance of rain all day, and have had some; right now it shows we have around 41% chance of rain, but the humidity has dropped a bit in the last couple of hours. We might not have a respite from the wind until late tonight or early tomorrow.  Continue reading



screen shot of our rain gauge from my phone app

Definition of cagey (cagiercagiest)~  1hesitant about committing oneself  “officials are cagey about giving out details”. 2awary of being trapped or deceivedshrewd “cagey consumer”  2b marked by cleverness “cagey reply”  Then there is our addition: 3: feeling drawn to making cages “its been raining for 3 days and I need something to do in the house; I’m feeling a bit cagey.”
It has been raining for 3 days now. We needed it so badly!!! Thank you, God, for sending the rain. It’s been such a nice, steady gentle rain too, the kind that just soaks in really well. Wonderful! It has filled up our holding tank to overflowing (which is a great thing because I ran it out – bone dry – accidentally one day – and we’ve just been waiting!), that happened on day 1. So far we’ve had a smidgen over 2.5″ , almost an inch in the last 24 hours. That’s great! Continue reading

happy st. valentine’s day

chicken loveDo you feel the love? Our chickens don’t think they got much love today, it was wet and stormy. We, on the other hand, are so grateful for these wet things falling from the sky!!! The weather continues the tradition of raining on my birthday. I used to hate it as a kid, but I really have come to enjoy it as an adult. So far, our little rain guage has recorded .11 of an inch of rain, but it’s supposed to rain through out the night and into tomorrow, perhaps.  It has been rather cold, with the wind that has accompanied the rain. Continue reading

windy much?

Oh my heck! It has been so incredibly windy the last 3 days. It’s been amazing. I should have taken a photo of our weather station, because we had a 40 mph gust at around 10:30 Saturday night that shook the whole dang house. Was honestly reminiscent of some earthquakes I’ve sat through. I thought that maybe a good way to show you how fast the gusts are was to take a video of our wind meter (anemometer) going like crazy! The wind speed it measured just then was 36 mph. This type of wind that goes on for days, is exactly why they are building the Romni Chicken Wagon so solidly.  Continue reading

wagon update

Ok, so I warned you that we were going to be talking about this a lot. It’s the hottest thing happening around here right now! Ron came back today (I can’t believe that he’s such a glutton for punishment, and a wonderful sport about the whole thing)- I think he might be actually having some fun. They worked really hard and accomplished a whole lot! Sue took photos throughout the whole day, so I think what I’ll do is upload them and let them speak for themselves! Continue reading

romni wagon update

romni wagon starts

Wagon Starts

I think we might be talking about this often in the coming days and weeks, but my dad specifically asked for an update on this project when I spoke with him yesterday… so, here you go Dad! Our friend, Ron, came and worked all day with Sue again yesterday. Even though they had friends flying in for a few days’ visit that afternoon (Kathy took the trip to Tucson by herself – Thank you, Kathy, for giving us Ron for the day).

Romni Wagon w Ron

Ron, working his magic

I think they started out by painting at least part of the studs. Then they went about the measuring, planning and cutting. Then attaching the studs securely to the frame of the trailer. I believe that Ron has been a huge help and is giving Sue the confidence that this project can actually be completed!  I think they’re doing a smashing job and that, in a couple of weeks, we’ll have an amazingly sturdy, warm, traveling coop for the romni wagon ribslayers.   I say “a couple of weeks”, because they can’t work on it every single day. Take today for instance; Ron and Kathy – who have company, remember – held an “E-Day” luncheon at their home today (has something to do with the Euler’s Number, 2.718), so there couldn’t really be time to work on it then. Plus, Sue goes with the church’s Outreach Department to collect food that is donated by the county on the first Wednesday of each month. Tomorrow, Sue will be dispatching the roosters in the morning – hopefully, if the weather cooperates for a change – and Ron will be out with their friends hiking and visiting neat places in the County.  So, the next work day for the wagon will be Friday. They ended yesterday with around a third of the studs up! I think it’s going really well!  And I just want you to know that I think Sue’s doing an excellent job of getting photos taken 🙂  Friday we’ll show you some more progress and talk about the processing and prepping of the roosters. Until then, as always~
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Today’s Weather: I am so tempted to just continue to add snap shots of our weather station here. Would that be rude? So, today’s high was 78°, looks like our overnight low will be around 43°. Winds have been low: 5 mph tops. No rain insight but we have 24% humidity… doesn’t feel like it, feels rather dry.

Egg Report: Yesterday we had 12 chicken eggs, plus 1 duck!!! I really thought we were starting to take off; however, today we only had had 5 chicken eggs (one of those was eaten!), but we did get another duck! [6:24 p.m. Quick update before I head out to choir rehearsal… just put the chickens in and picked up 8 more eggs (two were severely cracked – so I may have interrupted an eater!), so that brings today’s chicken egg total up to 13, surpassing yesterday’s total!]

Cool Thing: Ok, you may have been reading today’s blog and thought, “Why would friends visit out there?” Well, let me tell you – there is some really cool stuff to see here!!! Take a look at this video – if I can embed it correctly – maybe you’ll want to visit us too. We’re always open for visitors!

the romni chicken wagon

IMG_2313 (1)

Floor down!

The second part of Sue’s “deal” with our friend, Ron, began today. They have started construction on the Mobile Chicken Coop. I’m not exactly sure what we’re going to call it. I like “The Romni Chicken Wagon,” but we’ll probably settle on something quite mundane, like “The Chicken Trailer”.  Can’t you just see it painted red with colorful floral designs, we could hang solar lanterns from the corners and unfurl a shade cloth when it’s not too windy. I think I might be idealizing it a bit,


Actual Romni Wagon

but that is my want. Anyway~ I came home from work and quickly snapped this photo because I said to myself, “Sue has probably been working away and not thinking of taking photos at all! Especially not any action shots with Ron in them.” So this is on the fly shot. Then, she surprised me by sending a photo after they had the floor attached. They did a lot of planning today and figuring out the best way to do the overall project. Then they started out with the floor. Sue had purchased these screws that were supposed to go through the metal frame, but


Sue’s “end of day” photo

they ended up having to drill pilot holes through the metal frame first and then put the screws in through the wood into the frame. Whatever the method, the floor is now attached. Ron’s coming back tomorrow and they may begin framing the structure. I’ve asked Sue to take copious photos of the entire process, so we’ll see how that works out. Until then, as always~
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Warm weather bath sharing

Today’s Weather: It was a really nice day today looks like 72° was the high, currently – at 6:27 p.m., it is 66°. Our lows overnight continue to be in the high 30’s; tonight the overnight low is going to 37°. No rain in the forecast.  Our winds stem from the west, currently at 11 mph, gusting to 18 mph.  The warmer weather has the fowl in great moods – it’s like they can sense spring is right around the corner. Even Roma was in the mood to share the little black pool with her favorite duck. I was cleaning out the kiddie pools, so they were looking for a good place for a clean soak. Sue was able to capture this from outside the fence… Roma always seems to know when you’re trying to catch a photo of her.


Just looks like spring!

Egg report: So… our egg numbers continue to fluctuate… it doesn’t help when I drop the things. Happens almost every day – except today. Over the weekend, this is how we fared: Saturday we had 7 chicken with one 1 broken, 1 new duck. Sunday zero duck, 10 eggs with 1 broken, zero duck. Today, we still didn’t have any duck, but collected 10 eggs, and I didn’t drop any. Also, shot this right quick while picking up eggs this afternoon… doesn’t it just look like spring?! I love the colors we’re getting. No two eggs are alike at all. We even have someone laying light beige eggs with brown spots; very cute.


the groundhog is only 40% reliable

winterToday is Groundhog day…do you care? Did you  even remember? I didn’t, until I got home and started poking around on the internet. Supposedly, we’ll be having 6 more weeks of winter. Which, for us, means 6 more weeks of opportunities for winter rain. Which would be a good thing. Then, in my poking around, I come to discover that the groundhog is only about 40% accurate. Poop. I bet my hedgehog could predict just as well. That got me to wondering, what else do we rely on that is only 40% accurate? Continue reading

meanwhile, back on the farm

As you may remember, I was in Chicago a few days this week and haven’t been around to help with anything! But you know that life still goes on every day back on the farm. Sue was home tending to chickens, ducks, goose, goats, dogs and cats, while I was out goofing around for the day job. Sue also continued helping our friends Kathy and Ron move their rocks and as part of their work-share deal.  I stole some photos from Kathy that show a bit of what they’re doing.    Continue reading



Gravel moving, from the worker’s point of view

Sorry there wasn’t a post last night; we were having dinner with some friends. Celebrating  a work share partnering – short term. I mean, it wasn’t really a celebration specifically for that, it was just a gathering of friends over a turkey dinner…. but Sue had been working with our friends Ron and Kathy – doing some heavy manual labor – moving gravel from their back yard, which will allow them to put down landscaping cloth, and then put the rocks back down, hopefully keeping the weeds out.  Anyway, Sue had made this bargain with Ron that she’d help him move his rocks, if he’ll come and help her build the Chicken Trailer.  He immediately said, “Deal!” So, she worked with him several days this week – and they invited us over for Turkey dinner on Friday. We immediately said, “Deal!” Continue reading