winter has come

She has dropped her blanket of white over the hills and left her fleece behind in the draws where the sun never quite shows his face. Spent pomegranates hang from the trees like so many forgotten Christmas ornaments. The little dinos leave their tracks behind in the snow where only perspective can show how large or small the threat may be. Winter has come. Continue reading

fun stuff for Christmas

IMG_1979It’s always fun to give at any time of the year, but it’s doubly fun at Christmas… at least for me. My co-worker feels the same way and she told me she had a blast shopping this year. One of the gifts she found was for us to use on the farm and she could not wait to give it to us. So, Wednesday she made me bring home something to try out. I was kind of afraid to use it, but today it was time to put it to the test. Continue reading


IMG_3648Hey y’all! It’s Wednesday and that means a short post day. Just a quick update for now. I guess our biggest news is that my folks have arrived for Christmas. They rolled in around 3 pm this afternoon. We’ve been slowly getting ready for this visit, but we’re never completely prepared. I suppose we’re good enough for puttin’ the feet up and relaxing. Witness the patriarch in his normal position after driving for around 6 hours today. With a rum and coke already polished off  by the time I got home from work. Guess we’re all ready for the holiday.   Continue reading

threading the needle

threadLast Saturday was the day we had set aside to move the RCW. I had mentioned this was an interesting, if difficult, process and I’d take some photos of the more interesting segments. You know, when you have plans they never really go the way you think they should. I didn’t take any video, and I kept forgetting to take photos until after the fact; but I still have a fun fact to share with you. It’s about the most difficult way to thread the needle. Continue reading

it’s electric

electric currentDoes that title bring to mind any song from the 80’s with specific dance moves attached to it? Electric Slide anyone? Well, if you’re not too sure exactly what I mean and you make through to the end of this post today, “I’ll teach you, teach you, teach you; I’ll teach you the electric slide.” Anyway… what Sue suggested I write about today is the visit from our two math-physics-engineering friends Ron and Kathy. See this graphic to the right? It’s all just nonsense to me, but these two super bright people get this kind of stuff. So, before we ever embark into possibly difficult or dangerous territory, we ask them to take a field trip and impart magnificent words of wisdom unto our ears. Continue on, if this sounds interesting. Continue reading

new and exciting

new-and-excitingOk, so maybe not really that exciting, but definitely new.  Well, not brand new, but definitely new to us. Even though we’re sorta still caught in those doldrums we talked about last week, Sue is fighting the good fight to get out of them (I’m just floundering). In her attempt to paddle out of the calm sea area, Sue has purchased a new to us piece of equipment. It’s something she’s been wanting for a while now and we thought we had a good lead, then it rather fizzled, but recently was brought to life again. Can any one guess??? Continue reading

snow on the mountain

snow on the mountainDoes that sound like something from Lord of the Rings? Wait, I think that was King Under the Mountain. (thought I could make something of that for the first image, but couldn’t find anything that really works). The storm that was a comin’ finally arrived this morning. It poured on and off all day, and when the clouds cleared a bit Sue was able to snap a quick shot of the snow on the mountains. This is our second snow of the winter; not that it reached us. We’re at a pretty high elevation, but the snow was staying over 5,000 feet. Sure looks pretty though.  Is this where we start singing “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”? Continue reading