dl update

rubber duckyWednesday = short day. Thought I’d give you the DL update. Mostly because we just had the duck in for a checkup and that’s on my mind. We’ve continued to let her take a bath in the tub; I haven’t been very good at taking any photos through this whole process, so you’ll have to make do with the rubber ducky in the bubbles. She’s becoming more and more relaxed while in the house and therefore, more and more animated in the bathtub. Next time maybe I’ll remember and take a video – it’s pretty fun! She is definitely making good progress, although there is still a bit of infection present. So, Sue cleaned the foot out and added more Prid to see if we can draw the rest out. We’ll give it a couple of days and look at it again. She still favors it a little, but not nearly as badly as before – she’s putting more and more weight on it as we go through the healing process.  Continue reading


I keep saying how wonderful our neighbors are… and its true! When Sue couldn’t walk at all, our neighbor – Monica – brought over her crutches for Sue to use. She even offered Sue the use of her support boot… but Sue had one from when she had her toe surgery. The crutches were so incredibly helpful for Sue, and I think helped save her sanity over the last week. She’s doing better, by the way, no crutches anymore, just in the boot.  Continue reading

desert dangers

Where we are located in the extreme southeast of Arizona, there are many natural predators and threats to our animals and ourselves. Just around us we have, Pumas, Bears, Javalina, Coyote. It’s something that I guess you get used to. I grew up with some of those as well, so sometimes I get lax in my vigilance. Sue had other types of threats in her life (you know – Navy), but I think she’s more aware of the dangers around here. Maybe aware isn’t the correct word, its more to front of her thoughts than with me. But there are two dangers that still unnerve me, and I’m always looking out for them. The biggest for me is Fire, the second is rattlesnakes. Continue reading

the DL

Bumblefoot 1Yes, I know – we’re a day late… and probably a dollar short, but we’ll have to wait and see on that one. Things are just a bit busy around here, we’ve been working on the Duck with bumblefoot.  We’ve discussed bumblefoot a number of months ago, but this is the first time we’ve ever had to treat one of the ducks. This isn’t a photo of her foot, but its almost exactly what it looked like prior to our working on it.  Before Sue left we had treated it by soaking in Epsom salts and then applying Prid to bring out the infection. It worked well and on Sunday we started to remove the infection that had been brought up. She hasn’t been able to go into the pond since we’re keeping her isolated, so when we worked on her yesterday, we decided to let her bathe in the tub first. Continue reading

trip report

30742329_585226521839834_1796423505240129536_n Armed to Farm class photo

Sue’s Class Photo

Sue is back (as of Sunday)! I conned her into writing a report on her trip, so the majority of today’s blog will be from her. I’m just uploading it and adding the photos she’s sending me. Sounds like she had a great time learning the in’s and out’s of the business. She met some great people, a couple of them live on the same street as my parents – that’s just amazing! There were 30 some people signed up for the class, but not everyone was able to attend. In addition to attending classes, they did go on some field trips and enjoyed a BBQ mixer on one of the farms.  Here’s her report: Continue reading

“friday, friday…

IMG_2623…friday is my favorite day.” Yes, I know, I’m running behind quite a bit today. I took the time to fill a couple goals – a little out of order, but I can rectify that tomorrow. No worries. The big goal for today was to clean out the goat babies’ crate and put fresh straw in there.  I had been adding to it, for that deep litter method, but it was kinda rank. They pee a lot! So, cleaned it all out and then put all fresh new hay in there. Also put some new on the shed floor as well as Taco George has been kind of compacting it. The babes are beginning to realize that they can use the ramp to get up there fast! So when I was adding the new hay the were all up in my face playing. It was really cute, but a bit frustrating. They are so friendly and playful it’s been quite fun. Taco George likes them too, but not when they hog all of the attentions. I just make sure to give him hugs and loves to. He’s a happy boy. Continue reading


pooped cat

How I feel.

That’s my goal this week; maintaining the status quo. Sue is off on her week long class at U.C. Davis and I’m doing my best to hold down the fort. Day #2 (well, one and a half) and I’m already pooped. I had this list, in my head, of things I was going to get done before Sue got home. Somehow, I don’t think I’m going to make it. We’ll just have to see. Here’s the list of things that happened today. Continue reading

the short report

Seems like I’m continually saying that it’s got be a short report today. Well, it’s the truth – yet again. This week has been so busy and it only continues through the weekend. This month we are celebrating our church’s 50th anniversary, and – as usual – we’re right in the thick of things. Sue’s already at church rehearsing for the 50 things she’s doing (that’s an exaggeration), and I’ll be leaving as soon as all the animals are in bed.  So, guess what? We’ve got a short report today. Continue reading


ProgressEven though the posts are generally shorter, Wednesdays are generally productive days; this was no exception. With Ron out of order, due to illness and visitors, Sue has begun to tackle the remaining tasks on the RCW on her own. Plus, she’s been stocking up the feed and seed and alfalfa and hay for when she’s going to be gone (starting this Sunday, back next Sunday). Travel always takes way more preparation than you initially realize, but I think it’s important that Sue takes the time to attend this class, and have some time away too. I shouldn’t be the only one who gets to play! Anyway, progress is always a good thing, even though you can’t always recognize that you’re actually making it. Continue reading